Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Little Tapas

Sorry, been away in Birmingham, at something called "Education 2006." It's quite remarkable how cosmopolitan the city centre has become since I was last there; there must be hope for Margate yet, although I haven't seen any signs of a Spanish Tapas bar opening in the Old Town. Perhaps I'm wrong.

At a guess, I think we'll run past the 200,000 mark by Monday morning. I wonder who the person will be to run up the zeroes. If it's you, let me know.

As I haven't been around much over the last week, I'm a little short of news, so the winding-down feeling on the weblog must be self evident. Thanks for your messages of support and I'm inclined, from what readers are telling me, to keep a series of irregular entries running, rather than stop altogether. After all, there's a great deal of diverse material sitting-up here, that acts as a useful resource and it would be a shame to let it gather dust.

If you have your own stories and fancy being a contributor, then send them in to me. You can find an email link at the bottom of the links section. The readership isn't anywhere as large as the local printed papers but it's an audience that quite possibly has embraced many if not most of the internet connected users in Thanet.

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Anonymous said...

Number: 199769 and counting

Dear Dr Moores
I Hope that you don't sign off. I would like the rest of your viewers to see the outcome of my on going saga with TDC over St Augustines signs , banners.

I have a friend who has done the work for me and copies of all e-mails sent and received and complaints via the internet have been forwarded to the Chief Executive and all other persons to whom they have to go to before presentation to the ombudsman. Not forgetting that this saga started 08:08:2006 with my telephone conversation followed by e-mail to the officer dealing with planning application No: A/TH/06/0067.

Perhaps you might like to also hear the saga of BT which goes back to March 16th 2006.

Oh I am a grumpy old man but through no fault of my own.

I hear what you say about people who wish to remain anonymous hold my e-mail address and name and you know that I sign off as CS I assumed rightly or wrongly that this would be sufficient.

CS (name and e-mail address supplied to the site owner)