Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Litter Bugs Beware!

More than 25 people have received warnings from the Council's team of Community Safety Wardens about dropping litter since the launch of the Thanet is Beautiful campaign.

The warnings come ahead of an increase in the fines for dropping litter, dumping rubbish and allowing your dog to foul, with the penalty set to go up from £50 to £80 in October. On each occasion, the person put their litter in a bin when they received the warning, meaning no fine was handed out, but under the new system that is being introduced, on the spot fines can be handed out with no previous warning.

The campaign was launched in July with the message Thanet is Beautiful
- Let’s keep it that way by not dropping litter. It aims to show just how much there is to be proud of in Thanet and warns people of the penalties they could face if they are caught dropping litter.

Cllr. Ingrid Spencer, Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Services, said: "Hopefully these warnings will have struck a chord with people and from now on, they'll ensure that they don't drop litter. That's the message behind the Thanet is Beautiful campaign. As well as reminding people what a beautiful area we live in, we want to remind them that the new, higher fines are coming into force shortly and when that happens, there'll be no more friendly warnings and second chances, before fines are handed out. Thanet Council is serious about keeping Thanet beautiful and that means cracking down on those who litter, dump rubbish or allow their dogs to foul. That's what local people have told us they want and that's what we will be delivering."

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