Monday, September 04, 2006

Kent Must Resist Brusselisation of the Map

North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, has this morning spoken out against what he has described as proposals to "Brusselise" the map of Europe.

Under the plans, drawn up by Eurocrats, Kent and Sussex are destined to become, with Calais, the "Transmanche" Region of Europe with the rest of the United Kingdom also broken up into "Balkan States".

"Kent has very strong links with our neighbours on mainland Europe" says the MP "and it is in our interests that that should be so. Those links of trade, tourism and friendship are, however, a far cry from the proposals seeping out of Brussels that are clearly designed to exercise central bureaucratic controls at the expense of traditional national boundaries.

We have resisted attempts to create an elected regional assembly that our own government would like to see replace the Shire Counties and we must, as a county and as a nation, resist the meddling ambition of those who loathe the sovereign state to create euro-regions that would undermine our proud and individual identities.

Kent is, and must remain, "Invicta".”


Anonymous said...

Hear hear! The problem is that the average Brit's French is so poor he would not understand 'Trans Manche Region'. The English name for the region would be ugly.

Anonymous said...

What's ugly about Cross Channel ? Though let's face it the average Brit doesn't like the French, they are after all England's long term enemy, much more so than the Germans who we have been allied with more than we have been enemies of.
Except for recent uncontrolled immigration we are mostly from Saxon German origins, not from the French, even our Royal Family is German!
Personally I am xenophobic!
Sid the lot of 'em!

Anonymous said...

Now, whereabouts is it in France that Roger and Suzy Gale have their second home...?

Anonymous said...

I'd be happier with 'English Channel Region' but happier still out of the EU altogether.

Anonymous said...

Bit late to come out of the EU, we should never have gone in of course.
How dare the French call it the Manche!
We know its the English Channel, just like the Malvinas are of course the Falkland islands.
Typical of those blinking Johnny foreigners!
Has Roger Gale no national pride?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he's proud of his home in France.