Sunday, September 10, 2006

Have a Safe Flight

Important news for those of you thinking of flying via Manston to Virginia, in the near future, is that gel-filled bras and KY jelly are being considered as potential weapons of mass destruction.

US officials should be aware that Jihadists could pack a standard tube with enough Ricin to kill around four million guinea pigs. To put it in perspective, that's the equivalent of a six-foot-deep layer of dead guinea pigs covering an area the size of three football pitches. It's a chilling thought.

Try this account of the indignity suffered by a 57-year-old cancer survivor en route to Majorca from a UK airport who was told that her "gel-filled breast would need to be checked in with baggage.

Does anyone know if security arrangements at Kent International Airport are up to speed with this new threat to air travel?


Anonymous said...

This Govt's stoking of 'terrorist hysteria' to take the proles' minds of their incompetency in other areas of policy has some interesting results; this is just one of the more absurd.

Nethercourt said...

Hmmm.... watch

and note that the amount of 'stuff' needed to create a bang is small enough to be hidden in some very personal places. Dropped into the 'khazi' in a pressurised cabin........

Cllr David Green said...

I would have thought that travellers may be just as worried by reports that Manston's radar was destroyed by lightening in May, and has not been restored. I assume that planes are being guided in by sight, which could explain some of the unusual flight pattern recently. It also begs the question of what happens during bad weather visability.
Meawhile, the TDC Tories continue to procrastinate over the Manston Consulative Committee, which should be overseeeing a complaints system.

DrMoores said...

Not something for people to really worry too much about David. It's an approach service and, when it works, which has always been intermittently since the good old RAF left, it's useful in bad weather for people like me as a Radar Advisory Service to keep tabs on other aircraft.

The bigger commercial aircraft, i.e. jet will have TCAS a terrain and traffic advisory box of tricks installed which tells them what they need to know about who is in the vicinity. GPS, will get them down onto the Manston runway and will fly the pattern, accurately to a few feet onto the runway - I can even do this in my Cessna - in all weathers.

So while it makes sense to have it back and running for the winter, I would certainly appreciate it, most pilots would not be flying aircraft into Manston in bad weather that would demand it as a requirement.Manston being pretty quiet atthe best of times.

I would agree though that a precision radar should be available at an airport of Manston's size. When it's not working, as now, we have to use Southend which overlaps onto the coast here in Thanet and Thames Radar, which will pick you up from Faversham.