Thursday, September 07, 2006

Going Nowhere Today

It appears that our part of Kent is closed for this afternoon at least.

The M2 is now closed in both directions, following what I assume is a serious accident, with tailbacks to the A229. This is, I think the third such incident in two months and I think that the A229 has been closed at least twice during the same period.

In fact, I can’t recall a time that I’ve noticed, either from the air or from being stuck behind several miles of cars, that the roads system has been halted so regularly due to serious and fatal accidents.

Ed: The latest news is that a tragedy unfolded on the M2 this morning reportedly, with one person pronounced dead and another crtically injured at the scene of an accident. Firefighters were searching for a third person in the wreckage.

The crash involved a car and a lorry and took place at 10.30am on the coastbound carriageway at junction five for Sittingbourne.


Anonymous said...

Having lost a good friend as a result of a motorway accident, my sympathies must be for the families involved.

However, it is madness to keep a major motorway closed for hours on end as now seems to be the case in this country. Surely help the living, certify and bag the dead, take your photographs and witness contact details and then clear the motorway ASAP, bulldozing if necessssary, wreckage onto hard shoulder. Then go back in quiet hours to measure and investigate further should be possible? In the USA, getting traffic moving again on main arteries seems to have a higher priority than here. It is time that Govt got a grip of this. In the hottest July in years we had people sitting in cars on the M2 for 6 hours! Madness.

James Maskell said...

I think that very issue came up in the press somewhere a while ago. I think the reason why it gets held up for so ridiculously long is because not anyone can give the go ahead to restart the traffic. Apparently only particularly senior officers can give permission to clear and restart traffic and that they have to be at the scene in order to do so. That of course can take ages.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively people could slow down and drive properly and accidents wouldn't happen!

Anonymous said...

We're human, we have accidents and we need to accept the hazards of our lifestyle, as I shouid imagine did Neanderthal man, concerning voracious sabre toothed tigers!

Anonymous said...

The comparison between accidents caused by people driving idiotically and Neanderthal man falling foul to a sabre toothed tiger is not even vaguely credible! Yes accidents happen, but surely an accident is only an accident when it doesn't have a cause which could have very easily have been prevented?

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid it is. Until we are prepared to put a stop to the wild, selfish, unlawful behaviour of a minority of drivers by first apprehending them(more police) and punishing them properly(long prison sentences), they are a hazard(sabre toothed tiger) we have to live with when we step out of our house(cave).