Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fishing Boat Sinks at Ramsgate Harbour

Kent Online reports that two men were rescued as their fishing boat sank in Ramsgate harbour early today.

The Chananne R13 was taking in water and sinking as it approached the Old Marina just before 7.30am. It was returning from an overnight fishing trip.

The Ramsgate lifeboat crew was scrambled at 7.31am and was on the scene seven minutes later. As The Chananne R13 rounded the Northern Breakwater it was listing heavily to starboard and water was slopping over its gunwales.

The all-weather boat came alongside and plucked the crew to safety as she began to flounder, and she sank as they watched. The men were landed ashore at the boathouse by 7.43am.


Anonymous said...

A little sad as they could have called sooner and got a pump on board and some nice help from those nice guys in the RNLI not just a lift to safety.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I'm glad.... this was the very Boat I reported last year to the Ministry of Fisheries BECAUSE, the 2 Crew on board were dumping loads of wounded fish in the outer harbour... and I mean LOADS. There were several hundred of the poor creatures floating in the water only half dead, but the Crew added more & more.
R13, a number I will never forget!
The Power from above is taking his revenge....

Anonymous said...

Whelk what can you saithe?
At least it happened in the right plaice,there mightn't have been a sole around when it started to sink.
It sounds like they didn't maintain their boat, you should always try to kipper in good condition.