Monday, September 25, 2006

Everyone Has His Day

It took three hours by motorcycle this morning to reach the Microsoft Campus at Reading for a meeting. If I had tried the car, I might still be on the road, M20, 26, M25, M4, all with rain, road works and rush hour traffic that has to create a picture of abject misery for everyone involved.

Thanet, it seems is still very much at the edge of the known world and recent events seem to be conspiring to keep it there. As a businessman, EUjet, love it or loathe it, was useful. After all, Dublin to my front door in less than ninety minutes is rather better than Heathrow, where it took me another ninety minutes on Thursday to reach the end of the “Fast Bag Drop” line. Lord knows how long regular bag drop might take these days.

And now Ashford’s EuroStar service will be restricted when the new terminal opens near Dartford, eliminating another doorstep convenience for Europe at least.

No sign yet of a high speed rail connection to Margate and when it does eventually arrive, I wonder how reliable it will be, based on regular experience of the route to London; fallen trees, damaged bridges, iced rails, leaves; the list goes on.

Without the benefits of broadband internet access, Thanet is a very restricted environment for any service business and with unpredictable road and rail transport links, some might consider it close to unviable in terms of time lost en-route. That’s not good for the island and explains why it continues to struggle to attract new businesses that have the staying power to create jobs and improve local workforce skills beyond the rather limited horizon of Westwood Cross.

Having spent a couple of days speculating on the future of Europe 2020, I’m left wondering what Thanet will look like in the same timescale. Overcrowded, yes but with whom and doing what to support the local economy? More ‘Taverns’, superstores and perhaps a larger tourist economy but is that all we have to look forward to?

Anyway and to change the subject, as the magic 200,000 mark approaches, I’ve decided that I’ll shut-up shop here once it passes. I’m not ruling out a comeback but when I started this weblog there was nothing else and now we have a vibrant and frequently bizarre community of ‘Bloggers’ for you to choose from. Thanet Life has served it’s purpose, which was to encourage local debate and deliver a personal slant on local news stories but these days it’s taking too much of my time and I’m neglecting my other columns elsewhere.

So the local paper and several local ‘Bloggers’ can soon find something and someone else more interesting to occupy their interests and as Winston Churchill said: “Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others. “


Anonymous said...

I think that you should reconsider, you are the inspiration, for my own humble, blogsite Bignews Margate, and I hope that nothing I have said has offended, tonight prior to reading your announcement I actually gave credit to you, for getting me started in this game again apologies for that particular blog.

I realise that I have maybe, gone too far on occasion but at the end of the day, your site, is the one by which others are measured.

This does take a lot of time out of your day, but I would suggest that you consider, maintaining your site perhaps on the basis of a weekly review.

Despite my occasional sarcastic jibes, Thanet life is the cornerstone of Thanet Blogarati, leaders are always subject to criticism it gives us inferiors something to do. Good luck

And thank you for the many hours, you have devoted to this publication.

DrMoores said...

Very kind of you to say so Tony and unlike ECR, I'm not saying 'Goodbye' and then making a comeback overnight. It's simply because I'm up to my neck in work and I don't feel that I'm giving the blog the attention it needs at present. Moderation, like it or not is a complete pain, just to keep the place decent and not, as others have suggested, to impose any form of censorship.

In the coming months, I'm all over the place and like being in Lyon last week, keeping up with Thanet is a little difficult at a distance, when for example, your'e trying to sort out a government project thousands of miles away!

Anyway, we'll see but I'd rather see others, like you, who are prepared to write honestly and not to hide behind a facade of anonymity carry the torch for a while

Little Weed said...

I too hope that you can find some time to keep going at least to a limited degree. You have been doing this for a long time and, as you know, have a very large and varied readership. It seems a shame to just let it go. As far as anonymity goes, I try not to ever be anything but banal so my name should be unnecessary.

DrMoores said...

No offense to anonymous bloggers of course but I do believe that a little extra responsibity for one's words is carried alongside being a real, rather than fictional or anonymous character.

And everyones weblog, however banal, has equal value in contributing to a community and a picture of Thanet that didn't exist twelve months ago.

Artyblartfast said...

I think most folk, bar bloggists, don't realise how much effort goes into putting together a decent blog. So I can understand why you might choose to call a halt, I doubt any of us remaining might manage it for over three years as you did.
Thanks for all the interesting stories though, you'll be missed but I imagine you'll end up enjoying the liberation of your free time. I spent September doing all the more usual things a parent does and did begin to question how much life there was to blogging. Sure it's fun, but only to a point. See ya Biggles.

Anonymous said...

Sell your blog to the Isle of Thanet Gazette. They'd love it...I think...

B of Birchington said...

Well I will miss you very much. I come to this site first thing after going online. There is no one to match you.
Thank you for the interesting pieces you have "blogged" for us.
The internet will be a duller place without you.
May good fortune be yours.

Nethercourt said...

Well that is sad....:(
I appreciate the time it takes, especially with the moderation difficulties, but please stay around, even as a monthly as suggested.
Thanet is such an insular place and your insight, as someone who 'gets about a bit' is so valued.
If go you must... then thank you for your efforts which have stimulated the blogging scene so much.
The best of luck for the future. Perhaps you could leave your blog in place, just as an example of how it ought to be done?

Amy Jones said...

Not good news. I have been following issues since I found out about Thanetlife and as others have said, you have produced a premier site for Thanet. There is no doubt that comment moderation has been a pain for you and regular readers as spontaneity has suffered. I hope that this form of induced 'disruption' by the person concerned has ceased? All I can do is urge you to reconsider as Thanelife has been a 'must visit' for tne past 10 months and provides an excellent link to many Thanet sites. It has opened up many views into dark areas that others would like to conceal and has become in a short time an influence for much good. I suspect there will be many a 'jobsworth' out there delighted to see you close. What a pity. I will not say thank you as that would be acceptance of your post as a farewell. Please reconsider a reduced input until other matters are not so pressing.

Amy J

Mr Friday said...

Would you consider the option of having some of the more regular and reliable contributors becoming moderators to help out ?

Not that I am plugging myself.

I would hate for this site to close.

DrMoores said...

I'm very happy to invite readers to actively contribute.. I can give editorial rights to anyone who might like to keep the work going.. perhaps with occasional input from me.. Any volunteers?

SkinOfStars said...

i may not have always agreed, but if it stops, i will certainly miss it/you.

but, with certainly the highest readership of all the local blogs, this really does have the potential to be the alternative newspaper. a few more 'journalists' and i'm sure you could in some way rival the printed ones.

i would happily volunteer myself but of course i am not so local, so i implore some of you others to step forward. a central news service written by the people on subjects that matter to the people is just what thanet needs.

Eastcliff Richard said...

So long and thanks for all the fish!

sfdretywu said...

I'll go back to kicking the cat, then!

onelosthousemate said...

Maybe Dr Moores you should entrust some other bloggers to double post for this site. It would be such a shame for this to close. I regularly read this site, bignews margate and arts and elbows.

Maybe a collaboration to keep this open would be the best foot forward

Lucy Mail said...

I'll have a stab at servicing your columb for you.
How hard can it be?

DrMoores said...

A generous offer LucyMail.. Can you send me something along as a first try?