Thursday, September 07, 2006

Eastcliff Fall

Cllr David Green’s “Eastcliff Matters” has temporarily suspended its service.

The reason given on the website states:

“This blog is closed for the time being.

The author is under threat by the administration at Thanet District Council of referral to the Standards Board for England over certain remarks made that were critical of the Council and its actions.”

There are other reasons given, so read on:


Anonymous said...

It seemed like fair comment to me, whatever happened to free speech?
Is referral to this Standards board serious?
Maybe its a good thing as TDC might get put in their place?
Good Luck to David Green anyway.

Dane Valley Ted said...

Fairly serious,but I have read all his posts and cannot see what the problem is,David was and is voicing concerns that affect us all.
go to
and read for yourself.
If this post is true then it is the last recourse for a council which knows it has got it all wrong
and as usual trying to blame everyone but itself for it's failure to give good service to and
for the people of Thanet

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered about councillors (local politicians) making public comment on blogs when central Government politicians tend not to venture down that route instead leaving comment to be made after referral to their private secretaries and civil service support. In one way the open debate is good, in another it leaves local councillors looking like amateurs pulling away from party solidarity and expressing untested debate that isn't open to scrutiny via official party controlled channels. It is similar to a high brow business allowing any employee to make comment on it's behalf. It would not hold credibility.

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that as a counciler he is responable in part for the council if it is not doing it's duty then it is good that someone stands up and asks why things are going as they are but he shouldn't be told off for his feeling if no-one is allowed to state their own feeling about how TDC is run then the people of thanet will lose the right to have a say.
we have a right to hear things that concern all of us, if the council only have yes men running it then nothing is going to work the way it should. good luck and thanks for bring to light some of the things that need to be asked

Chris Wells said...

Lets get down off the high horse, anon. If TDC leader or I or anyone else says anything defamatory or untrue on this or any other site they can be held to account. More than once Cllr Greens colleagues have complained to the standards board about things we say, as I have myself once about the behaviour of a fellow councillor. Generally the standards board is quite good at sorting out political comment from real bile - to the point where many think it errs too far on caution when faced with complaints.

So, in the words of the toilet poets, shit happens. We all live with it, and arguably couldn't do without it!

James Maskell said...

Lets not forget Cllr David Greens accusation of corruption. On that point, Dave, did you take the official channels with that one or did you just keep the accusation on weblogs?

Any Councillor who breaks any rules to which they accept upon taking office should be held accountable for it, regardless of whether they are in power or in the opposition groups, or regardless of whether they knew they were breaking the rules or not.

stuart said...

Dr, why comment approval again? Surely as you aren't a councillor you aren't concerned about being referred to Standards Board?

DrMoores said...

Sadly, I have had to switch moderation on again and there it will stay for a while at least. One of our more readers has become abusive and obsessive and until he shows a little more maturity, his comments and wilder allegations are best excluded from the thread.

Cllr David Green said...

James, you may think you are being smart, but in fact you are just showing your inexperience. For obvious reasons I cannot respond to you comment other than to refer you to comments I have already made on Dr Moore’s site.

James Maskell said...

I dont think Im "being smart" at all, unless you think Councillors shouldnt be held accountable for what they say in the public eye... Im not entirely sure what inexperience Im showing.

Lord Lucan said...

Councillor Green desrves our best wishes in his present difficulties. He is one of our Councillors, like Chris Wells, who is prepared to come on this site and provide information, educate and fight his corner. Good luck to them both; neither hides behind anonimity like many of us.

Lord Lucan