Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Drunken Dipper

The Isle of Thanet Extra reports that a drunk jumped into the sea from the end of Ramsgate pier in the early hours of Monday.

Thelifeboat was called at 2.07am after the man was seen attempting to swim between the pier heads.

It launched seven minutes later and arrived shortly after the motor boat Bumble, the owner of which had also seen the man’s foolish swim.

He managed to get the man back to the Dover steps, despite the man's attempts to leap back into the water, where he was delivered into the arms of the waiting police.

Meanwhile, the town's lifeboat rescued a woman who had been cut off by the tide on Sunday.

She was trapped between Stone Bay and Joss Bay at about 11.50am when a member of the public alerted Dover Coastguard.

The inshore lifeboat was scrambled and plucked the woman to safety, dropping her back at Stone Bay.

In the crew’s second launch on that day, the All Weather Boat towed a yacht to safety after its engine failed in the south West shipping lane. There was little wind so it was left drifting and in danger.

The lifeboat launched at 4.08pm and after a long tow, brought the yacht Sirocco home at 8.13pm.

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