Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Details Revealed of Manston Flights to USA

Kent Online reveals the details of new flights to America from Manston.

The new holidays in America, which will be on a flight-only basis with prices starting from £329, are being offered by Bromley-based travel company Cosmos, using flights operated by Monarch Airlines.

The flights, aimed at the millions of people living within a three-hour drive of Manston, will start on May 2 next year.

Outward journeys will leave the airport at 1.30pm on Wednesdays, with return flights landing at 7am on Wednesday mornings.

Customers will be able to choose between seven, 14 or 21-night breaks in Virginia and North Carolina, or a combination of the two.


Anonymous said...

Monarch have the smallest seat pitch of any long haul carrier, the one and only time I flew with them it was a crippling 28 inch pitch.
Last week I flew First Choice transatlantic and it was a comfortable 36 inch.
What a diference 8 inches makes. I would recommend First Choice who fly to Orlando Sanford every Saturday from Gatwick, good service and not expensive.
And Florida is somewhere very many people want to go to, unlike Virginia.

Anonymous said...

8 inches certainly does make a difference!

Anonymous said...

I always believed size wasn't important but this pitch thing is a real threat to those susceptible to DVT. Who has the largest pitch of cheap carriers?

Anonymous said...

I think it rather depends upon which of their aircraft you fly on. I went to Egypt on a Monarch A300 recently and the seat pitch was excellent - I was most impressed with the whole flight.

Anonymous said...

I suspect, Anon of 821, you are not thinking seat pitch!

Anonymous said...

A useful site is:

It lists Monarch as 28 to 29 inch, but the First Choice info may be slightly out of date as they have removed a lot of seats from their longhaul aircraft to give better legroom, plus of course less passengers sharing everything else.

I am a bit of a First Choice fan, the crew are always nice and friendly.Thomas Cook airline are also good to flywith long haul especially if you are going to Canada.

Anonymous said...

Given that the major incidents concerning terrorism have all taken place on American planes where people have gone through American security I am not feeling particularly happy that flights from America will be flying over my house!! Particularly when the airports being used are obscure! Why fly anyway? The UK has far more to offer and can be done my train and road!

Anonymous said...

Only a very small number of serious aircraft hi-jackings and terrorist incedents have actually had anything to do with the USA...

Furthermore, Norfolk Virginia is hardly very obscure - the airport there handles over 300,000 passengers every month - about a 1000 times more than Manston!