Sunday, September 10, 2006

Comment Moderation

The constant drip of invective and personal attack on our Conservative MP and local council members continues from “Thanet Labour Supporter” which has forced me to turn-on comment moderation. Quite unable to be polite and frustrated by being “sent to Coventry” I and others wonder if he’s a local party activist worried by the collapse in confidence in his party of government and the implications for next year’s council elections in Thanet.

It all rather reminds me of the BBC drama series ‘GBH’ in the eighties and modelled loosely on Derek Hatton in Liverpool, which showed local party activists going to extraordinary lengths to silence any comment as the local elections approached.

Anyway, unlike our local Labour supporter, I’ve worked for the Cabinet Office, been at No10 and having once been a close supporter of this government, I walked away, when I witnessed the cynical reality behind the scenes. And now I’m quite prepared to comment on what I feel is wrong with it.

I’ll store some of the nastiest taunts and perhaps, the week before the local council elections, I’ll publish them all at once, so readers can see the level of political paranoia he represents. Otherwise, I stand by this site’s policy of respect as a forum for discussion, where people can comment freely and politely and can do so without worrying about being abused by what is after all one person in close to 200,000 visits.


stuart said...

What about other peoples comments that you feel do not fit with your political persuasion?

How is this 'an open news forum' i you delete all posts that you don't like?

tony flaig said...

Excuse me for my late arrival to this debate, when all the backbiting bitching and personal attacks are over, the only clear and unequivocal fact to emerge out of this sorry mess is that the Labour Party, have introduced an entirely corrupt apparatus intentionally or otherwise to choke free speech.

Whilst it's unfortunate that councillor David Green is facing some public rebuke by the Standards Board, the blame fairly lies with his own Labour Party for introducing this nonsense.

If I were David Green, I would have resigned from the Labour Party, as soon as I became aware of the Standards Board of England, as quite honestly this organisations ability to stifle free speech, would not embarrass a fascist dictatorship. The association with John Prescott and ethics for me would be laughable were it not so serious.

So when Mr Blair eventually gets round to his triumphal departure, this may be his greatest achievement Banana Republic freedom in a first world economy, if I were a Labour Party member, right now I would be organising a mass resignation. Not for the first time have the Labour government shown themselves to be negligent.

Anonymous said...

Given the recent outbreak of hysteria in the Labour party and what I hope to be their long term decline into opposition. Perhaps it's not so surprising that some of the local activists are behaving in a similar fashion. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first turn mad!

Anonymous said...

I may have asked you to spare the 'rabid socialist' and its a shame you have had to resort to comment moderation to prevent his wilder invective. A thread devoted to him in due course should be interesting.

davidsaint said...

How do you know this person is a labour supporter . It seems to me that you are just here to support your mates in the tory party , and will do anything to blacken the name of the oppersition

DrMoores said...

Hardly David. Moderation has only been turned-on after all this time to deal with the person who signs himself "Labour Supporter". Quite honestly, I couldn't care if he supported the BNP; everyone here, like you, is entitled to an opinion but it should be expressed in a manner which shows respect to others, which is why we have a healthy site and why I won't tolerate discourtesy and abuse. In other words children should be able to visit this site as a local resource, unlike others, without their parents being concerned about the language being used by contributors.

Meanwhile the taunts continue which does rather make the whole thing interesting and reminds me of the classic Fawlty Towers episode with Basil and the Psychiatrist.

So if 'Labour Supporter' can keep the spite coming, he'll achieve the very opposite of what he wants by reflecting the back-biting nature of party politics, which goes, as this week has demonstrated, right to the seat of power.

DrMoores said...

Stuart, you know very well that this site has rules, as do millions of others. Would you prefer that I allowed discourtesy, bad language and or libellous comments and with them a descent into the gutter? I have asked the person involved repeatedly to moderate his language. He can't or won't and I'm not prepared to allow one person to make the threads downright nasty because of an obsessive faith that everything Labour is Good and everything and anything Tory is bad and corrupt.

Neither party smells of roses and politics is a dirty business but I'm not having one person out of tens of thousands of visitors muck-spreading on here thank you!

He's out and he stays out until he makes a committment to an "acceptable" standard of expression. At which point I will switch comment moderation off again.

stuart said...

Dr I am referring to the thread about Revolution where you have been screening the comments made there and deleting ones you do not want. I am not referring to libellous or discourteous posts by Labour Supporter.

DrMoores said...

Stuart.. I'm not immediately aware of any posts on that thread which have not been screened other than those submitted by
AKA "Labour Supporter" unless there was one which have used unacceptable language, which I now vaguely recall from somewhere last week. Can you remind me?

I can also spot who people are when they hide behind a second alias to provoke a thread, which also happens from time to time.