Sunday, September 17, 2006


What do you think of a fine or even two years in jail for not having a bicycle bell?

Another soft target for law-enforcement perhaps?

Meanwhile, The Observer reports that the number of life-sentence prisoners being released from jail has almost trebled in only five years, a rise from 125 in 2000 to a record 351 last year.

Twenty-six of the 1,500 freed since 2000 have subsequently been convicted of further serious sexual or violent crimes and 28 per cent of the 330 life sentence prisoners released in 2003-04 were returned to jail.

To the man in the street this might suggest that releasing 'lifers' early in their sentence wasn't a safe bet in terms of community safety but the parole board knows better.


Anonymous said...

Three strikes and you're in for life as in the US.

Anonymous said...

thats labour for you new taxes new laws.what do you expect from a party thats on its way out ,not before time i think in my mind

Anonymous said...

Our penal system is run on expediency rather than on making crime not pay. In order to release space for pensioners who haven't paid Council Tax and the 7000 foreigners in jail,we let out dangerous criminals to carry on their nefarious business. Build more prisons and make sure you lock up persistant criminals for a long time; thats 'Being Tough on crime'. This Govt fails to grasp that one of the causes of crime is inadequate and ineffective punishment. As a Govt past its sell by date, pathetic legislation like bells on bikes is considered important whilst child sex offenders, rapists and murderers are released. Chief Constables must be beyond the point of despair!

Anonymous said...

anon again!

How about, if we ALL go to Jail, then earn our freedom, when we have everything correct, then we could GET OUT.
Hmmmm, who'd be the Judge tho? The Pope? Archi-Bishop Canterz?

Anonymous said...

Lost me completely,5.42 am!

Anonymous said...

I read yesterday, a bloke got life for killing a woman through dangerous driving, no insurance, no license, stolen car and the judge said he should serve a minimum of 4 years and 4 months!

James Maskell said...

After the Marek Tomi decision (the driver who killed John Living at the Victoria Lights) I have no faith in judges to give harsh sentences to criminals.

I think 5:42 was being ironic in saying that perhaps everyone should earn their ticket out of prison rather than be sent there later on. I certainly hope so!