Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blogs & Blogging in Thanet

The BBC's Robert Leslie called me last week and other Thanet Bloggers, wondering why there's so much 'Blogging' going on in Thanet. It seems his programme will be broadcast this afternoon and he's sent me a note to share with the readers.

"Hi Simon.

My radio feature will be broadcast this afternoon on BBC Radio Kent at 16:40 so do tune in. If you miss it, it will be available online by this evening. Just look out for my blogging feature on the BBC Kent homepage:


Anonymous said...

Eastcliff Matters has closed

Anonymous said...

It sounds like an attempt by the TDC ruling group to stifle opposition through a legitimate medium. Poor Cllr Green seems to have upset the 'system' and has been threatened with a 'Standards' quango. When TDC starts to follow its own accepted policy in regards to planning, as just one example, and makes transparent and even- handed decisions, then it is more likely to receive a better reception by 'bloggers'. When X is 'enforced' over a modest issue and 'Y's' blatant disregard of planning restrictions is ignored, then fair minded men and women begin to ask WHY? We may speculate in silence as to possible answers to that question. We don't have Thought Crime yet, do we?

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the residents of Thanet are deeply unhappy with their council, their police, their planning and the uncontrolled immigration of unskilled or unemployable people both from other parts of this country and other countries.
This has led to blogging as an expression of this dissatisfaction.