Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blair's Premiership - Not Just a Matter for Labour

The future of Blair's premiership is not, and must not be allowed to be, just a matter for the Labour Party, says North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale.

Speaking in his constituency this (Wednesday) morning the MP said:

"Too many commentators, including those working within national television and radio, appear to be treating what is a leadership crisis as an internal squabble that is the prerogative of Labour Ministers and Members of Parliament. It is no such thing.

We are faced with an international situation in which British service personnel are dying almost daily in Afghanistan or Iraq; the ceasefire in the Middle East is highly volatile and renewed hostilities could erupt at any moment; at home the Health Service is facing financial meltdown and there are grave concerns over law and order and immigration. In the midst of all this the country is in the hands of a dead-duck Prime Minister whose staff appear more concerned with his "legacy" - or how to win him a Blue Peter badge - than with the running of the Country.

For the sake of the United Kingdom the premiership issue has to be resolved now, not in several months time, and if Blair still has any vestige of respect or affection for this country then he should recognise that fact and pave the way for an imminent leadership election and handover of power or, better still, call a general election and let the British people have their say."


Anonymous said...

Tony Benn, 6 months ago, reminded a TV interviewer that it is not a succession to the leadership by Gordon Brown. The Labour Party will have an election and democratically elect a new leader who will presumably be invited by HM Queen to form his/her Government. Having seen how this 'new' Labour party has enjoyed the trappings and personal wealth creating opportunities presnted by being in high office, I predict a scramble for personal advancement by leading players.
Look out for John Reid; the terrorism card has been played to the full and distracts the public from the fact that in his own words, after 9 years under Labour, the Home Office was 'unfit for purpose'.

James Maskell said...

John McDonnell, leader of a group of Labour MPs called Campaign has said he will be launching his leadership campaign on Thursday. This Group is full of left wingers. Apparently theres a lot of Labour activity in Parliament, unusually so.

With the Party in Government, it gets in the way of government activity. They have to sort this out and soon.

stuart said...


A general election would most definately still result in a Labour win.

Even with the current leadership 'crisis'.

There is still no credible alternative.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

If my name was Tony blair, and I was leader of a fantastic movement that helps people, I would anounce that "The position in question is not up for re-election, it stays in until the public vote it out by General Election".

Anonymous said...

Plenty of comment on the Jeremy Vine show today. I liked the guy from Dover who said he voted Labour for Tony Blair to be PM. Who are these backstabbing back benchers and overated journalists to be the ones to tell him to go? The British public should be the ones who say. Call a general election or shut it. Someone else also said they thought Brown had reached his plataeu, and was not especially liked by the English, here bloody here!(I'd rather vote the Tories in than have Brown as PM)

James Maskell said...

Blair wont call a General Election, thats a given. That decision will be made by the successor at a time of their choosing.

I think Blair should come out and give a date. He made the massive mistake of saying he would not be serving the whole term. He needs to say when he will go. If he doesnt do this, then there will be more anger within the Party and unrest. This years Conference is going to be full of conspiracy and plotting.

Anonymous said...

I love to see MPs worried about their jobs and perks wanting to ditch a PM they see as an electoral liability just over 1 year into his 3rd term in office. It shows the electorate exactly why they're there; self interest.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that many are drawing parallels between the situation in which Tony Blair finds himself, and that which faced Maggie Thatcher 16 years ago. In jumping on the bandwagon of this story, I am just trying to remember what Roger Gale did way back then when his own Leader was in trouble. I cannot remember which side he was on. Did he call for her to go, or did he remain silent? Interesting to compare his behaviour then with his behaviour now. Of course it's the "other Party" as far as he's concerned, so he can afford to be inconsistent in approach.

I guess he's also keen to deflect attention from his own troubles. The press have made much of the negative comments recently made about him within the Tory Party, where his face no longer fits. As a far-right dinosaur, he is hardly in line with the "new Tory Party". He has been dubbed "Mr Angry" because of his temperamental outbursts and reactions to any modern thinking. I guess his days are numbered. Perhaps on some level he feels some empathy with the Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

I was astonished when Blair stood for re-election and made no secret of the fact that he did not intend to see out his term if he were re-elected. I was then amazed beyond all belief that people actually voted him in ! Now ,with all the uncertainty and the chaos that will ensue - we are reaping the rewards of those very people. There are many serious issues (the poor souls being killed in Iraq for one) that deserve the attention that this fiasco of a circus will get. To those who voted labour last time around - can't you see the contempt with which Blair is treating us all now ? Don't worry - he will let us know when he has decided that he is too bored of us to continue as PM. Sadly , there is little democratic about democracy - you pick the best of the bunch on the strength of what they promise you (and words are cheap) and they go off doing whatever they consider to be in the best interests of us.
How about a political party that tries to represent what their candidates want ? Now that would be something.

Anonymous said...

I do so love an exchange when a lame-brain MP (Gale) refers to a dead-duck PM.

Anonymous said...

If I was Blair I'd make sure that if I had to go I'd take the back stabbers with me. Look at the faceless MPs all bricking it coz they fear not getting re-elected. Anon 9:40 has it spot on. Go on Mr. Blair, invite the lot of them into the conference room, lock the doors and set the fuse, one down all down.