Monday, September 25, 2006

Beach Cleaning Record

A record number of volunteers have turned out from across Kent to help out with a beach clean in Thanet.

The beach clean was held at Minnis Bay on Saturday by the Thanet Coast Project with the Latter Day Saints Church Group as part of their "Helping Hands Day", which sees people volunteering for community projects.

Around 100 people turned up and cleaned the three kilometre stretch of coastline from Minnis Bay to Reculver throughout the day. The area past Coldharbour Lagoon to Reculver is one that the Thanet Coast Project has never reached before and they found it covered with litter. In total, 98 bags of litter were cleared, as well as a large fishing net, several oil drums and large pieces of wood.

Naomi Biggs, Thanet Coast Education Officer, said: "This work will make a big difference to our precious coastline. In particular, the shingle beaches by the lagoons on this stretch of coast are very sensitive for wildlife, as there are roost sites for internationally important wintering birds. It's vital we try to keep these areas free of litter and safe for our wildlife."

She added: "We may have organised the day, but it would never have been such a success without the help of other people and organisations, especially the Clean Kent campaign, who supplied much of the equipment, including gloves, litter pickers, first aid kits and refreshments and Thanet Council's cleansing team, who loaned out litter pickers and bags for the events and collected all the bags at the end of the day. My biggest thanks though go out to the volunteers who did such a superb job on the day. Not only did they make a real difference to our coastal environment, but it was also wonderful to see everyone working together and enjoying making a difference to their area."

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