Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yes or No

Unusual day of sorts. I had to open the Eastbourne Air Show this morning with a marriage proposal from girl to boy. These are usually a little tricky and don’t have the same 100% success rate of boy to girl proposals that we enjoy. However after two attempts to pick the banner up in the gusty conditions from an airfield near Brighton, we just managed to make my ten minute display slot before jets rolled-in. So in front of thousands of people lined up along the seafront to the pier, it worked I was told, so chalk one up for Cupid.

If you’re around near Whitstable Flats at 6pm on Sunday,we've been asked to do one there too. Boy to girl though.

Meanwhile, legendary rock band Iron Maiden have asked their own special banner for the Reading festival next weekend, so here’s a sneak preview for any fans.


James Maskell said...

Cool banner. Already got the album on pre-order. From the preview tracks Iron Maiden have put on their website its sounding great! The big question is though...who is Benjamin Breeg?

Little Weed said...

Went past Manston Airport earlier and there were 6 small jets that I have never seen before, have you any idea what they are there for?