Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Wheelie Bins Cometh

Leaflets are being delivered to the homes across Thanet this week (week commencing Monday 21 August) who will be getting wheelie bins delivered later this year.

The second phase of the roll out follows a successful pilot scheme at 5,000 houses last year, which saw recycling rates in those areas hit 30%. Residents were asked about the scheme and nearly 90% of those who responded said that they were finding it easy to cope with the new, alternate week collections, now they could put out more items for recycling. The wheelie bins have also helped to make streets cleaner, with seagulls unable to attack the waste.

Now the scheme is being extended to 20,000 more properties in parts of Birchington, Westgate, Westbrook, and the eastern part of Cliftonville, Palm Bay, Kingsgate, Dumpton, the Whitehall and Northwood estates in Ramsgate, Cliffsend, Minster, Monkton and St. Nicholas at Wade. Every home which will be included on the new round will receive a leaflet explaining about the scheme and how it will work.

Homes will receive two wheelie bins, one with a blue lid for recyclable items, such as paper, card, cardboard, plastic bottles and tins, while the black lidded bin will be for rubbish that cannot be recycled, such as food and nappies. Rubbish is collected one week and recycled items are collected the following week.

Cllr. Roger Latchford, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services, said:
"Wheelie bins have already made a big difference in the pilot areas, helping to provide cleaner streets, which we know are a priority for local people, and have also dramatically improved recycling rates.

Despite initial misgivings about the scheme, the vast majority of people who took part in the pilot scheme told us that they found it worked well for them, as they were able to recycle much more than they could before."

He added: "We've learnt from the pilot scheme and are now providing even more information to those homes who will be receiving wheelie bins in the second phase of the roll-out. This should hopefully help to make their transition into the new, alternate week collections easier, as it fully explains how they can make the most of their new blue lidded wheelie bin for recycling."

Wheelie bin roadshows will also be held in the areas that will be moving on to the new scheme, with Council officers on hand to answer questions from residents.

The existing wheelie bin scheme that started at properties last year will continue as normal.

Ed: I’m not entirely sure how these will work in properties like my own, with a long narrow uphill path to the gate between hedges, where the layout won’t accommodate a wheelie bin. Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

Can anyone please inform me what happens to the paper, card, cardboard, plastic bottles , and tins? Where does it end up?

Mr Friday said...

I'm not sure how this is going to help reduce landfill rubbish from those households who already recycle extensively. I recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, garden waste, tins, fabrics and everything else that there is a container for. In my case, my supplied wheelie-bin will still not be big enough to hold all my landfill rubbish every 2 weeks.

I feel more sorry for those families who have 4 people living there as they are just under the criteria for a larger bin and will have even bigger problems.

Observer said...

It all goes to Hersden where it is sorted and sent to various recyclers,,

mr friday,,

there are many of us who do recycle {smug smile) but this scheme will encourage/force more people to recycle,,, and are you really sure you recycle everything you can???

J.G.Burns said...

while the black lidded bin will be for rubbish that cannot be recycled,jump in latchford your time is up.

Anonymous said...

We are six adults living in the same house. Our household rubbish = 1 tesco bag containing T. Bags and paper serviets per week. We could in fact reduce our refuse to 1 bag per 2 weeks. Now beat that and we are not in a weeli bin area.All our food waste (Except Bones, which we put out for the Foxes) is put out with the garden waste and collected every 2 weeks.
The nappies are washed and hung out to dry with all the other laundry. You call them nappies we in our house call them Pants or knickers (dependant on the sexes)

I make 1 trip per week to the local tip. Cardboard, Papers (including envelopes and shredded letters), ALL Plastic, Dry Cell Batteries, Cans, Foil,Jars and 14 wine bottles (we like a tipple).

I don't know what I am going to do when we get the weelie Bins, the partners day out once per week was to the tip. Any suggestions


Little Weed said...

I am really looking forward to the day when our area is included, as I have half a black sack of waste for my household at the moment but when I can put plastic separate that will reduce by half. At the moment I have 4 bins in my kitchen, for ordinary waste , glass, paper and compost and shredded letters go on the compost. But none of the supermarket wastes are for plastic so roll out the wheelie bins.

Anonymous said...

hhmm..this has just not worked in other areas with rotting stinking rubbish onthe pavement.we used to have trees on the pavements in our roads and we are supposed to look forward to weelie bins?arrrggh..

Anonymous said...

ref wheelie bins
this can only be good for thanet, it will keep the streets cleaner and stop the seagulls from pulling the black bags apart every time they are put out .is it not time people understood this, it is time people stopped all this moaning and helped keep thanet cleaner .it is also the people who put there rubbish out on the wrong day this does not help ,this all stop moaning and get behind the council and give them some praise for getting thanet cleaner.

cllr brian goodwin
westgate ward

C.Beckley said...

I personally can not wait for the wheelie bins as I think it will bring a lot of benefits. Does anyone know if it is against the law to cause a public nuisance by feeding seagulls ? My family have been suffering due to a silly old duffer who feeds the gulls every couple of hours - it is okay for him --he is as deaf as a post !!!