Saturday, August 12, 2006

What Happened at the Nayland Rock?

"Murder and mayhem" appeared to be the order of the day at the Nayland Rock Hotel in Margate this morning.

Two of our readers have sent in emails. “Anorak” tells us that: “Police cars and policemen everywhere, a tent erected over a pavement area and a top floor window open. It was all cordoned off, looks like someone fell - or was pushed?”

“Amy” writes, “I passed Nayland Rock this morning at 7.50 to find every on duty policeman in Thanet and possibly Canterbury parked at Nayland Rock Hotel; 6 cars, one ambulance going no where in a hurry and area taped off.”

Does anyone have any more detail to share?


Anonymous said...

Does it matter?

I presume if you discover that a drunken white driver - perhaps a Laura Ashley print woman in her 30s from a "good address" - knocked over a pedestrian just by chance outside the hotel this story will die a quick death.

If of course you discover that one of the (non-British) residents fell, was pushed, or was involved in some other sort of incident, you will have your usual range of hang 'em, flog 'em, deport 'em posts with all the usual, and totally illogical, xenophobic argument. Something to look forward to alongside your Saturday copy of the Daily Mail.

And yes of course you can say that if people like me don't like the website etc etc etc... But the site exists, and so must comments condemning some of the more extreme content.

DrMoores said...

No.. a story is still a story. I'm reporting what readers are telling me and asking for the facts. Perhaps Laura Ashley herself threw herself from the tp floor of the Nayland Rock in a fit of despair at the room service? Who knows. Anyway I read The Times and The Guardian and not the Daily Mail.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, that is close to how Laura Ashley did die. A stumble down the stairs I think.

Anonymous said...

Local gossip at lunchtime was a fall from a window early this morning and some poor soul either dead or seriously injured.

Anonymous said...

And apparently (gasp) he wasn't from this area!

Anonymous said...

Well, phew, THAT'S all right then.

Anonymous said...

What we are all concerned about of course is the Health and Safety procedures at Nayland Rock.
Just because the guests are not from this country it doesn't mean they don't deserve the ultimate in security and safety.
In fact they deserve it more than we would if we stayed there because they are helpless victims while we are not.
Other anon posters seem to have read other interest into this story, they are of course quite wrong.
We are not at all interested in the refugees fighting amongst themselves or killing each other (if that is indeed the case) as they will doubtless soon become British Citizens and integrate fully with our standards and culture, becoming essential members of our multicultural society.

Anonymous said...

You may almost convince yourself, Anon 928.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:28 actually with any luck they will be removed back to where they came from. Having experienced so called "asylum seekers" first hand I can assure you the overwhelming majority are in fact economic migrants. Sadly it is deluded people like you that think they are a: Genuinely fleeing persecution and b: Of value to our country.
When will we wake up and realise the fetish for multi-culturalism is damaging our culture?

Anonymous said...

anon 8.05 and 11.49 - did you take my 9.28 post seriously??????

Sorry, I got my tongue stuck in my cheek.

Sometimes you can't say what you want to , so the alternative is to say the extreme opposite knowing that readers will realise what you really mean.

Sorry if it was a bit too believable on this occasion, I will try to be more transparent in future.

Anonymous said...

805 and 1149 were two different posters, 426. Mine was the earlier. I understood your message perfectly. Unfortunately, you did not perceive the "irony" in mine.