Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wet Bike Patrols

Was it something I said?

TDC may not concede that we have a local jetski problem but the BBC reports that officers policing the water around the coasts of Kent are patrolling in a two-seat Jet ski from this weekend.

Kent Police said the Jet ski, marked with the force livery, will complement other enforcement vessels.

Officers will tackle anti-social behaviour near the sea and rivers, with one driving and the other gathering evidence in the two-seater craft.

Each year, police deal with beach hut arsons, binge drinking, pier jumping, and speeding off-road and on the water.

Offences have also included Jet skis being used in bathing areas, and in areas protected for wildlife - the new craft will allow officers to engage with other Jet ski users which teams used to find difficult.

Ch Insp Mark Harrison said: "We want people to enjoy themselves at the seaside or on the water.

"But for the minority who ruin other people's fun or ignore restrictions we are more than equipped to deal with you."

He added: "We will be working to stop nuisance behaviour and we'll be looking for stolen craft, enforcing byelaws when required, but also be on hand to offer safety advice.

Ed: I wonder if they will get as far as Thanet? If anyone sees a policeman on a jetski, please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! but TDC do conceed that there is a jet ski problem. Their answer was to present the jet skiers with a slipway all to themselves (Beresford Gap), because they cannot afford to police the foreshore. Funny, I thought that the police were supposed to deal with nuisance as they appear to be doing now. The fact that this slipway was one of the longest and best to launch from for all paid up Thanet Water Users was not considered a valid arguement. The lesson? Cause problems and they will reward you! Jammy Dodger, Birchington