Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Water Water Everywhere

If you want to know how much residential building is going on in Kent, start by counting the water treatment plants, which I had to do today with a water company photographer. It took three hours in all across Kent and included the work now underway at Westwood cross.

Looking from above at some of the places they are squeezing in new estates, particularly around the Medway, I’m doubtful that there’s enough water for the staggering numbers of homes that are planned.

That said, a quick check on the Bewl Water reservoir revealed that it is now looking rather healthy in contrast with the photos I took at the beginning of the summer. You wouldn’t know there’s a drought still on by looking at it.

Given the attraction of the South-east as a source of new homes, one further item of interest I noticed today, was the density of ‘Travellers’ dotted around in groups of caravans in fields and lay-bys across Kent and Sussex. There’s quite a lot I thought and I wonder if the Government has any real idea of the numbers? Probably not is the answer I would expect.


Anonymous said...

Twice the normal rainfall for August; both Birchington and Cliffs End are showing over 3" of rain so far this month! The dullest August in terms of sunshine since 1986 and the water companies are off the hook for the moment! If the aerial view of Bewl was the same as one shown on TV this morning, there is more water in it at this time of year than in a normal non-drought period. The Dept for the Environment still say we are in the grip of a drought.

Anonymous said...

My fish pond is close to overfilling and I keep expecting to see the critters wiggling off down the drain. I was amazed at how green a patch of land I walk across was this morning behind the Tate Modern. I returned to work after 2 weeks off today and 3 weeks a go it was arid. This morning it looked so green I did a triple take. As for traveller's sites I notice quite a few caravans sparsely dotted around on a large sub-division out at Seasalter and a smaller site next to the railway line near Rainham I think. The plot is not a large encampment, looks tidy, I'm sure it's not legal but is it really having an effect on the greenbelt? I'd have to say "No". It must be about 1-1.5 acres.