Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Transformational - Well Sort Of

If you have ever wondered what Transformational Government is, then you can find out, with a video on the popular video sharing website, “YouTube”.

Frustrated by attempts to explain how millions of pounds of taxpayers money is being wasted on a multitude of grandiose, frivolous and failing projects, like the National Programmer for IT, (NPfIT) HM Government is trying a trendier means of  justifying the black hole of IT spend which now surrounds us.

Watch the video here.

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Anonymous said...

Several items posted since the "Join The Queue" terrorist plot item, yet not one pursuing that story and reporting the serious criminal charges now made against several of those allegedly involved.

How strange.

An oversight, or perhaps just that the facts and the truth so solidly counter the opinions shared on here and the biased cynicism that was so apparent. Unhelpful, clearly, that the Home Secretary was obviously right, so better put out another negative story about the Government of which he is a part instead.