Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sunset Boulevard

There were cars parked-up all over the place watching tonight’s spectacular “Turner” sunset; one with an intensity and colour you only see once every few years. The time I really needed a camera, I didn’t have one with me.

I’d just been wading back through the rain towards Thanet from Brighton. I don’t know if the drought is officially over or even close to being called-off but from the air Kent is looking very wet indeed and we certainly ad more than our fair share of rain here today.

So did anyone catch any photos of that sunset?


Amy J. said...

27.2mm of rain since midnight is well over 1". The sunset was missed, trying to artex a ceiling. Rain now is disastrous; potato main crop harvesting began on Tuesday now suspended possibly until Sunday and cereals still to be combined will not be dry until earliest Saturday. Lawn thriving however! What drought? dullest August since 1986.

Anonymous said...

Try looking on:

Havent looked myself but they tend to be up to date.


Anonymous said...

I would like to e-mail you but cannot find your e-mail address on site. Please advise

DrMoores said... if you want me