Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Strike a Light

Now I thought that Margate enjoyed the epithet of ‘Arsonville’ but Ramsgate isn’t too far behind this week.

Thanet Extra reports that a fire that destroyed a building where vans are repaired and sold is being treated as suspicious.

Kent Fire and Rescue called the police to the blaze at Thanet Vans, in the High Street, Ramsgate, soon after 7pm on Sunday.

The road was closed between Belmont Road and South Eastern Road throughout the night.

The building was extensively damaged and a council buildings officer was called to the scene to assess its safety.

Police confirmed the fire was suspicious but the building had been so badly damaged it was difficult to determine the cause.


Anonymous said...

Not owned by a certain JG is it :O

Anonymous said...

LOL, he might start on Westwood next.

Anonymous said...

Local gossip is that 'Our Bill' were interested in this locality and were due to pay it a visit. A hurried fire was arranged to burn illegal substances! I hope no-one was down wind at the time!