Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stamping Out Drugs - Dodgy Drivers Too!

All the police in Thanet appeared to be working around the St Nicholas roundabout today, as part of what I think was a crackdown on uninsured motorists. Further down the coast-bound carriageway there’s a white van parked with two cameras pointing at he oncoming traffic. I assume its capturing registrations and flagging the results to the small army of police at the roundabout.

Anyway, I counted at least sixteen officers from the air as we towed a police drugs awareness banner: “KENT POLICE - STAMPING OUT DRUGS!” over Thanet for two hours. It’s the message that was postponed on Saturday due to bad weather. Did anyone manage to get a photo?


Anonymous said...

Nice to know they are busy.
Obviously to busy to answer my 999 and other calls from 10am on 27th July. No attendance or further contact yet.
Unbelievable but true, I have a temporary crime report number but nothing more.
Hit the motorist, nice soft target.
Thanet Police are a waste of time.
We residents are on our own here people, so be careful.

Anonymous said...

Be fair, the boys in blue have hit 3 major weed growing horticultural enterprises in the past few months and connoiseurs/pot heads tell me the standard of the present supplies has definitely deteriorated.

Last Friday's Gazunder had a motley crew of 22 alledged dealers and suppliers listed as having been nabbed by Kent's Finest a week ago. All they need is more presence on the ground to prevent or respond quickly to the spate of assaults all over the Isle.

As for stopping cars without tax, insurance etc; this is a sensible strategy as most of our scroats and scoundrels drive around the Isle without a thought about taxing and insuring their vehicles!

stuart said...

Because the people who smoke a bit of grass are the people that cause all the trouble round here?

They are always banging on about having limited resources but appear to use the resources they have effectively.

Hard drugs, assaults, mugging, brawling and chav kids causing trouble. Once we have these things sorted out can we then deal with the grass smokers and the people with out of date tax discs???????

Anonymous said...

Abolish distinction between Class A, B & C drugs as in North America where it's never existed. Hard drugs, soft drugs, there is no difference, only a perception based on false information, they just cause damage and problems in different ways. (If someone says anything more about Queen Victoria taking an infusion of weed for period pains then I have to say that is a sad argument...or not an argument at all). Tax disks. If you can't afford a tax disk you can't afford to drive. Too many people think it a right to drive. It isn't. Get a bus. There is a very efficient bus route all around Thanet. Sell your unroadworthy trash can (for scrap probably)and start saving until you can afford to drive, or buy a cycle. Thanet isn't a large place, you can cycle from Westgate to Broadstairs in 20 minutes, about the same as driving.

John King said...

I agree, lets have a zero tolerance attitude to all drugs. We all know that Marijuana leads to Heroin but not many know that cigarettes leads to Marijuana and kills many more people. So I'd like a police crackdown on newsagents too.

And it's also true that caffeine leads to smoking and other addictive behaviors. Have you ever gone cold turkey with tea, coffee and cola? Try it! And yet they allow these new coffee shops to open up all over the place to sell this addictive bean.

Forget heroin and cocaine, if we really want to nip all this drug related crime in the bud we should forget troublesome crack dens, desperate heroin addicts and violent crackheads, they are not our problem. No, we need to get down to the source of the problem by arresting cola drinking youths, gangs often seen outside the back of office blocks smoking cigarettes and those so-called legal coffeehouse owners.

String them up!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Mr King! As a case for addictive substances your argument holds some truth. However, the law of the land is what it is and as law abiding citizens we should comply with the law even though we might not respect it.

Personally, I would like to see all drug/substance abuse decriminalised and a Govt spending more money on rehab. At the same time I would like to see Clinics blistered on to hospitals and GP's Surgeries where addictive drugs are provided free of charge to registered addicts. The enormous effort and cost expended on trying to eradicate the illegal drugs business has proved a waste of money and fruitless; the country is awash with illegal drug crime. The way to remove crime out of the equation is for Govt to kill off the illegal business by providing its client base with a 'free product'. Who will then bother to mug, burglarise or prostitute themselves to buy the illegal product?

Anonymous said...

No one will mug, burglarise or prostitute themselves to buy the decriminalized product, they'll move on to something else to mug, burglarise or prostitute themselves for. John King effectively states everything begins with suckling mother's milk but ignores that the law states illegal drugs are illegal whether you like it or not. The liberal press were all for decriminalization 10 years a go which quickly influenced the enlightened middle classes, funny then they changed their colours in recent years when stories of kids who'd suffered mental health problems emerged. No suprise since cannabis of the 1960s contained around 10mg of THC (the active ingredient that makes one 'trip', a joint of 'skunk' cannabis today might contain as much as 300mg due to hydroponic growth methods. Pro-cannabis users identify that the Dutch coffee house system works to a system,how much that excuse for a country is enlightened? The same country whose enlightened view has allowed a political party based on Paedophilia to stand for election. Liberating them in WW2 was a waste of time and lives.