Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Stab in the Dark

More happy goings-on in Margate, where detectives are appealing for information after a 20-year-old Polish man was stabbed on Thursday, August 10th.

Police say the victim was approached in the street by three men who asked for directions. Suddenly, one of the men produced the flick knife and stabbed in the man in the hand.

The incident occurred behind a church and near a cafe in Dalby Road, Margate, between 8.30pm and 10.55pm.

One of the offenders is described as tall, skinny, aged about 18 with a spotty complexion and local accent.

The victim, who lives in Margate, has given a similar description regarding a second man. The third man is described as "a little fat," and wearing a light blue baseball cap.

A police spokesman said: "There is no indication that there was a racial motive for the crime and no further details are known at this time."

The case is being investigated by Det Con Sara Jackson, of Margate Police, who would be interested in talking to anyone who may have seen the incident or who has knowledge of the offence. She can be contacted on 01843 222071.


Anonymous said...

Why oh why must people, especially the police, always remark on whether a crime is, or is not racially motivated. In this society we have people who commit crime full stop. Just because the criminal and victim are of different race, creed etc should not have any bearing until it is shown that is WAS racially motivated, then and only then should the race card be played. Until then it should be just another crime.

Anonymous said...

Oh, well said! I should imagine Kent Police have a Home Office directive concerning race crime!

To change the subject, my sources tell me that 'green' is in very short supply in Thanet at the moment; in fact they tell me it is almost unobtainable. As C. sativa has a 2-3 month cropping cycle, the effects of Kent's Finest in closing down three major horticultural enterprises in Thanet in the past frew months are now being felt. Add to that, a major sweep earlier this month of alledged suppliers and it must be tough for regular 'pot-heads'. Good!