Monday, August 07, 2006

St Mildreds Bay to Have "No Jetski Launching" Sign

I’ve just had a pleasant conversation with the Foreshore Manager, over what I perceive as a growing jetski problem. He doesn’t share my opinion and believes that we have to accept the jetski traffic as a product of our times but concurs that both West Bay and St Mildred’s Bay are “Off Limits” to Jetski launches and has promised to put a sign in place on the slipway bridge at St Mildred’s, warning speed enthusiast mariners away.

Although he's never heard of ThanetLife, one facet of the conversation worried me though. The protected area for swimmers is of course inside the yellow buoys and the council has pulled these increasingly close to the shore to discourage people from “Swimming out to sea.”

The implication from the conversation was that if someone like me, who likes to swim a little further than two hundred yards, from point to point, across the bay, is run over by a jetski or a speedboat, then it’s my own fault for swimming outside the yellow buoys in the first place. The existence of high speed machines running up and down the bays outside the markers is apparently accepted as an unfortunate fact of life, with the only solution being one that hems swimmers into a tightly controlled rectangle, prisoners almost, in the front of each bay.

The speed limit for water craft which I think is 8 knots inshore of 400m except in designated areas appears to have gone out of the window. After all, who is going to enforce a “voluntary code”? A lifeguard with a kayak perhaps.

What we need perhaps is what one reader suggested, a line of buoys, five hundred metres out to sea which demarcate the race track from the rest of the foreshore. This would make it safer for all concerned.

Perhaps our foreshore department will at least dip in here from time to time to read what others here might think of the subject


Anonymous said...

Simon - I am not surprised that the Foreshore Manager doesn't share your opinion.
I have found that TDC officers rarely see things from the residents' commonsense viewpoint.
If they did it would mean more work or problems for them, so they like to leave things just as they are, regardless of the problems that may cause.
That is why phones don't get answered, messages forgotten about, letters not replied to.
TDC are officially famous (or I should say infamous) for this mode of operation, its even listed statistically in the audit reports on TDC when they are evaluated.
Yes, why is TDC getting such a poor rating when Canterbury and Ashford are doing so much better?

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Easy answer, bin the TDC, and invite Canterbury City Council to run us!
(Hernia Bay did this, and the Town has improved, IF only slightly).

Anonymous said...

Dover IS as bad as Thanet.... can't we start an organisation that could be called 'Thanet Pride'?

Sorry, posted links without permission.

Nethercourt said...

Another link....sorry Simon. I draw attention to the comment about low self esteem. Seems to me that we are all afflicted by the adage 'Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they will seldom know disappointment'.

Anonymous said...

I hope the proposed notice banning jet skis at St Mildred's Bay will also include power boats which have been launching from there. Councillor Brian Goodwin took the matter seriously when I spoke to him last week and it is encourahging to note that some action is to be taken.

Anonymous said...

Please could you let us all know the name of the Foreshore Manager so that we can contact him directly with our concerns ?


Anonymous said...

site not found. please check your spelling etc. etc.

DrMoores said...

The Foreshore Manager is Mr McCarthy and he has taken action against the powerboats that were anchored there last week

Anonymous said...

TDC will act when someone is killed and they are taken to court for negligence.

Anonymous said...

That has already happened at the seawater pool near Nayland Rock in which, from memory, 3 people have fairly recently drowned despite No Swimming notices which TDC had erected but were held in court to be inadequate.
Yet I still see people in there and walking along the slippery concrete walls.
One problem we have in Margate is that the daytrippers seem to leave their brains behind in London when they come down here.
Just drive along the seafront and you will see what I mean, they try to commit suicide under your car in a way they would never do at home.

Anonymous said...

Would this be the same Mr J. Mc Carthy who's telephone number is 01843 833199? as listed on website so therefore open to the public?