Friday, August 25, 2006

Sign of the Times

Thanks to Thanet Council Foreshore Services for putting up a sign banning powered launches - i.e. Jetskis - from St Mildred's Bay.

According to the lifeguards I've spoken to, the Jetski problem is certainly there, with examples I'm told of the craft even "taunting" the safety patrol boat in Margate and then speeding off!

The feeling is that we need a police jetski patrol like the one now available at Herne Bay.


Anonymous said...

I have said it before, we need TDC to anchor marker buoys at regular spacing along our coast line across all popular Bays clearly indicating the distance from high/low water line within which the speed limit of all leisure craft is limited to 8 knots. As used at Tor Bay Devon. This distance is, I believe, 400 metres, but is not defined on any launching bay notices. This means when jet skiers launch they have to do so by using the defined buoyed marked high speed channels.
This can only be enforced by shore based patrols. for example mobile police officiers in a vehicle equiped with video and cameras to record the incident, by being mobile they can move from Bay to Bay all round Thanet and hopefully catch the offenders when they return to their launching site. The reported Police jet ski at Herne Bay is a good idea, but will never be in the right place at the right time.
Police should also be able to check these skiers and speed boats for insurance and life saving gear.
On the weekend of the air show we had Kent Police ribs in attendance but still jet skiers were a problem racing in and out of the anchored boats, off Palm Bay. The police did a great job trying to control them, and managed to caution some of them, one jet skier in particular with cans of beer being consumed as they raced through the anchored boats.
My concern is how long befor a swimmer or other craft is struck by one of these jet skiers, there will be no second chance, I suggest you read todays Daily Mail for the latest Jet Ski accident, and, driven by a junior.
It is time for TDC and the Kent Police to be pro-active in making the the sea shore a safe and fun place to be.
Perhaps an approach could be make to one of the Jet Ski manufacturers by TDC to provide buoys, chain, and anchors and sponser the restricted areas. boundary markers.

Anonymous said...

Driver's licence for Jetskis and ban for drink driving.

Anonymous said...

What chance of controlling the nerds on their jet-skis on waterwhen we cannot control the same type of nerd on land; the speeding driver; the drunk driver; the off road biker and the mini-biker?