Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Race Hate Tackled with a Freephone Number

The victims of race hate crime in Thanet can now speak out and help to tackle the problem by calling a racial incident number.  

The freephone number, 0800 138 1624, is available 24 hours a day and callers can pass on information about the incident, choosing whether they want to give their contact details or remain anonymous. Follow up action will be taken in all cases, unless the caller asks for no further action.

The service is being run by a partnership of organisations across Kent, including local Councils, Kent Police and Lifeline. Calls are answered by a trained person from Lifeline and will then be passed on to the appropriate organisation to take action. The number does not replace the existing emergency service. Anyone in imminent danger or who is reporting a crime in progress should still call 999.

Cllr. Ingrid Spencer, Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Services, said: "Thanet Council has a zero tolerance policy on race hate incidents. We all need to work together to stamp out these appalling incidents and this freephone number gives victims of race hate incidents a voice to speak out at any time of the day or night to report these crimes. Anyone calling the report line can rest assured that action will be taken, unless they specifically request no further action. That's how committed all the partners are in this scheme to tackling race hate crime and wiping it out once and for all."

Posters advertising the service in a range of languages, including Kurdish, Polish, Czech, Bangladeshi, Farsi, Turkish and Urdu, have been distributed around the area.


Anonymous said...

And it's good to see you deleting racist comments from here when they crop up, which appears to be frequently. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Are there posters in English too for when other ethnic groups insult me because of my origin?
Or are the immigrants "more equal" than us?
Is positive discrimination legal? This is for example what happens when a firm or government body needs to get some minority group workers employed to improve their statistics yet the applicants don't have the qualifications previously required - so the requirements are relaxed for them.
Not good in my view.
This has happened a lot in South Africa and is called affirmative action, its been a disaster and the country is, although still good by African standards,sadly going down the pan.

Mr Friday said...

This area has produced one of this target-obsessed Government's best moments - all councils have to set targets relating to the number of such incidents reported each year. As if this wasn't surreal enough, these figures are expected to show an increase each year (??) Apparently, this is then justified as the council promoting the phone line more extensively rather than a growing number of people indulging in this sort of abuse.

I wish i was joking.

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Doctor Moores, for publicising this positive initiative. How sad that it has prompted the usual Thanet Life response.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.50
Please explain your trite and stupid brief post - if you can!
Why is it sad that some comments have been made about this?

I do not condone racial hatred but cannot say I have seen any real evidence of it in Thanet.

Sure there have been one or two incidents reported where foreigners have been attacked or threatened but there have been many many more where ethnic British people have been targeted - and the police do little about that.

We must all be treated equally or natives will feel discriminated against.

I feel this is a politically engendered solution looking for a problem.

Let's deal with the real problems, like crime, vandalism, rubbish, uncontrolled immigration, joblessness, drugs, poor housing first before we waste time on nearly useless politically spun projects.

If we can't afford to subsidise Revolution Skate Park then we can't afford this inititave.

Anonymous said...

When you abide by the rules set for this site by the editor then I will reply to you. In the meantime, a rude visceral opener of the kind you employed does not enthuse me to debate anything with you. And I said Thanet LIFE, not Thanet.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why you bother to post on Thanet Life, 7.50pm. Sarcastic praise for Dr Moores and short condemnation of posts without any supporting argument to back up condemnation.

The Law in this country over assault used to make no discrimination between a cuckolded husband beating up his wife's lover or a foreign student being set apon by scroats; assault was assault.
I have no objection to additional law to make a more serious offence of 'racially aggravated assault' where the prime motive, and often, premeditated, leading to an assault, is a racist one. However, this extra law has been applied, together with its more severe sentencing for almost any assault where the protaganists are of different ethnic origin.

You may recall the wise words of a judge dismissing a case against a 9 year old boy in a fight with a fellow pupil and whilst stating that hurling racial abuse in the heat of the moment was not acceptable, the fight was not racially motivated.

On the street and in the heat of a fight for whatever reason, protagonists often hurl abusive comments at each other, prior to or during the assault. The verbal abuse is often of a personal nature and often picks on particular physical characteristics eg. " You fat ugly b*****d!"
If a protagonist however in an argument over making a pass at the other's girlfriend, picks on another physical difference " you ugly white b*****d", the situation has become instantly more serious as far as the Law is concerned and a far more severe penalty is automatically imposed and we have another reported case of racial assault for the crime statistics.

This is clearly nonsense, but is the consequence of just one of countless pieces of rushed ill thought through legislation passed by this Govt of ours.

Anonymous said...

My praise for Dr Moores for publicising this initiative was in no way sarcastic. It was a genuine supportive remark. I am sorry if you failed to recognise that.

Anonymous said...

Please accept MY apologies for making a false assumption of sarcasm.
Anon 8.23