Thursday, August 31, 2006

Opt Out of Junk Mail

A story in Yesterday’s Daily Express, revealed that if you’re already getting junk mail through your letterbox, then you’re going to get rather more in future.

Roughly a quarter of the junk mail you receive already goes to boosting the Royal Mail’s revenue and a change in the rules will now open the floodgates even further.

The Royal Mail is keen to keep its opt-out process “virtually secret” and even went as far as suspending a postman who voluntarily distributed an opt-out form to residents on his post round.

If you wish to opt-out, which means that Royal mail will not deliver any junk mail, then email or call 08457 950 950 giving your address and a request not to receive any unsolicited mail or junk mail that Royal Mail has been paid to deliver to your address.

If you simply want to reduce the amount of direct mail addressed in full to yourself you can do so by registering with The Mailing Preference Service.

Ed: The ultimate irony is that Royal Mail will email you back a form to "post" to their address, so they can wring the cost of a stamp from you rather than do it all by email! What can I say!


Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about 'junk mail'. I automatically bin it into recycle box but if people out there are happy to pay Royal Mail to deliver it, then it helps pay the wages for my postman. Probably helps keep the price of the letters I wish to send a little cheaper. So, keep our postmen employed and don't cancel your junkmail.
On the subject of disciplining the postman; perfectly proper. I would be seriously annoyed if I was employing someone in my business and they were telling my customers not to bother!

Robert Leslie said...


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T Stamp said...

I do not subscribe to the theory that by accepting this junk mail we are looking after the postman. I don't want it - I wont read it - it is environmentally unfriendly to produce it and transport it (just to line my bin!). I rather think that now that Royal Mail is a business it has become too greedy for its own good and whats more - I AM prepared to pay a little more if necessary for a quality service (why did 2nd post go ?!!££££)