Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Only Six?

A team from the Youth Offending programme has helped to clean up one of Thanet's beaches as part of its reparation project.

Six young people helped the Thanet Coast Project to clear up rubbish from Epple Bay in Birchington, netting 14 sacks of rubbish, which included clothing, such as socks, plastic and a car tyre.

But their biggest find was on the lower shoreline, where the team discovered the insides of a fridge that had been dumped there. The clean attracted a great deal of attention from people out walking their dogs, with one local man stopping to thank the group for cleaning up his favourite Thanet bay.

Thanet Coast Project Education Officer Naomi Biggs said: "The Youth Offending team really came to our rescue with this beach clean by offering the help of these teenagers as part of their work within the community. And they were able to make a real difference to the local environment with this work by helping to ensure that one of the area's beaches was cleared of rubbish in time for the summer season. At no point did anyone complain about having to clear up other people's rubbish, of which there was a great deal. It's so sad that visitors to our beautiful coastline are leaving rubbish all over it. It's time that people remembered that Thanet is Beautiful and we can all keep it that way by not dropping litter or dumping rubbish. Just as importantly, by disposing of our rubbish in bins or taking it home with us, we can also help to protect our coastline's unique wildlife."

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James Maskell said...

Good to see youth offenders having to work to pay their debts. Suprizing that its only 6 but thats better than them avoiding doing work at all.