Friday, August 25, 2006

An Offline Experience

The BBC reports that around 5,500 customers have had their broadband internet service cut off amid a row between their Ramsgate supplier and BT.

Euro1Net's service has been suspended after BT Wholesale said the company,had repeatedly failed to pay off its invoices.

Some customers had paid hundreds of pounds upfront for a two-year broadband connection with Euro1Net.

The company was not available for comment but said on its website that "action by BT" had seen its service withdrawn.

Ed: Having been a director of two internet service providers in the past, I do wonder why anyone would choose a service-provider based in Ramsgate of all places rather than a company with a demonstrated track-record. It's relatively simple these days to find out which companies are in the "Top ten" and which are reportedly miserable failures when it comes to customer service and I won't mention NTL and some other well-known names.

Would you buy your telephone service, from a Telco based in Ramsgate? Possibly not, if only because the people you need for the job demand very competitive salaries,not likely to be found easily in Thanet.

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The domain is registered to an address in Queen Street.