Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Much Too Much

Council tax bills could rise by up to six per cent because of the Government’s failure to establish how many migrants from Eastern Europe are settling in the UK, according to the former leader of Kent County Council.

Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart, now the leader of the Local Government Association, has written to the Home Secretary warning the government’s failure to properly monitor the influx of migrants into parts of the UK was in danger of leaving councils out of pocket.

He said dozens of councils were being let down by a system which was failing to compile accurate statistics on migration.

“There are a number of local authorities for whom the current system of measuring the number of migrants in specific council areas is failing to ensure adequate funding to keep council services to local people maintained,” the letter states.

“Working migrants have become an invisible population whose children need school places, who need to be housed appropriately and in some cases need social services. Official statistics have failed to reflect this.”

As a result, there was a risk services would have to be cut by cash-strapped councils and local taxes would have to rise “disproportionately for the growing migrant population.”

The warning stems from concerns about the mounting pressure migrants from new EU member states are putting on some communities.

I wonder how much, if at all Thanet is hurting from the extra burden? Would any of our councillors like to comment?


Anonymous said...

anon again!

We knew they had lost control of this situation years ago..... why complain now, the warnings were significant, now we have to heed them by paying up.....

Thank You, to everyone concerned in one of the UK's biggest cock-up's of management!

Why can't you Sue a Government?

Anonymous said...

Just wait till Bulgaria and Romania join. You think we have problems now? The fun is only just starting!