Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mini Menace

With mini-motorcycles now a bit of a local plague, new rules mean that even a five-year-old child get points on a driving licence he is too young to even have.

Under the rules, if a child is caught riding one on the road, pavement or in a public place they will now face prosecution, just like adults do. Any penalty points handed out by the court will be kept on file and activated as soon as they are old enough to apply for a driving licence at 17.

Insurance companies can refuse to insure them once they have passed their driving test. At the very least, their premium will be sky high. But will the riders or more importantly, their parents care?

Somehow I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Could I ask for some advice on here please? Where I live one of the other tenants in the block, a young lad, has a full size trials motorbike with no numberplates which he rides round our communal garden - so we can't sit out there peacefully.
He and his friends have wrecked the grass and also drop a load of litter and bottles and cans there.
What can I do?

I have tried asking the landlord who can't do anything apparently other than take a few months to evict the tenant.

I tried calling TDC anti social department twice and left messages but they never called me back.

The police say its private property and he might have the landowners permission and I can't prove he hasn't

Its only quite a small garden, in this hot weather it would be nice for the tenants of the other 9 flats if they could use it.

DrMoores said...

Not being a lawyer, I would have thought that if you can get a confirmation from the landlord that he has not given permission and support from the other tenants, then regardless of it being private property, it might fall under the ASBO conditions. It's no different in principle than playing a loud stereo or having a barking dog!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you and the others get to gether and go outside and sit in the sun making it impossible for him to ride about, or start doing something to the garden like putting in flower beds. He might think twice. Alternatively ask him to knock off riding his bike about. Failing that sabotage the bike.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Stick a bit of burning rag in the petrol tank! Cut through some cables! Knife the tyres! (Dreaming)


You must write to:

Thanet District Council.
Environmental Protection Team,
(Domestic Nuisance Service),
Cecil Street,
Margate, CT9 1XZ.

Giving your name and address, the art of Complaint, Name and address of who you are lodging the complaint against. Dates and times of recent offences.

They are duty bound to send the offender a nasty written warning.
They send you a record log, whereby, you enter any further offences.
(I got mine photo-copied and handed these to involved neighbours).
Do you know what?.... it works! We haven't heard a peep out of our disturbed verbally abusive neighbour since...

Anonymous said...

have a look at your tenancy aggreement and see if motorised vehicles are allowed on the communal space. Chances are they ain't. Then pester your landlord until he does something about it.
OR...try the Thanet Times. They love that sort of story.