Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Middle East - Bring back Blair & Parliament - Gale

If ever there was a time to recall parliament it is now, says North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale, who says:

"This is not a knee-jerk reaction to the appalling deaths of women and children in Lebanon but a mounting concern over the most dangerous situation that has faced the world for a considerable time.

If there are to be UN resolutions and if an international force, which will almost certainly include British troops , is to be committed - as it surely must be  then the parliament of the UK should discuss those issues.  The Prime Minister should cut short his PR exercise in the United States and return, with the rest  of the House, to London immediately"

Commenting on the growing crisis the MP added:

"Nobody in their right political minds holds any brief for terrorism but the Israeli reaction can only be regarded as, to say the least, disproportionate.  We have witnessed the murder of UN representatives in the Lebanon, the suppression, in Israel itself, of the truth and the substitution of propaganda for objective reporting and we have seen the supply of arms, by the United States and through the United Kingdom, that have almost certainly been used to kill innocent civilians.

The fact that a 48-hour ceasefire has been unilaterally announced and that the American Secretary of State is now calling for UN resolutions and "urgent action" should not delay the response of the United Kingdom any longer: we have a voice in the world forum and that voice needs to be heard in the interests of decency and humanity now."


Anonymous said...

Why do you use the American date format on your news items?

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Disproportinate! Terrorism.... these blatant attacks by the Hisbolla on Israel! The suicide bombers that blow up innocent Israeli men women & children. It's no wonder the Israeli's give it all they have.
There will never be Peace in the Middle East.
Look closer at the Arab Muslim Terrorist.... the hate preached against Christians and Jew, in fact all other Religions except the Muslem, by their Mullah's. Stop this inciting Worldly Anti Social behaviour, and you might see Peace in the Middle East, in ten thousand years time!

DrMoores said...

It's the way the system does it - date format that is!

James Maskell said...

Gales right here. It is disproportionate. This isnt about the soldiers. That was the excuse for the war. Israel was warned 10 times about its bombs getting too close to UN observers and ignored it. If it was really about the kidnapped soldiers, thousands of civilians wouldnt have needed to be evacuated.

The 48 hour aerial ceasefire wasnt much of a ceasefire. They still bombed when civilians or their soldeirs were under fire. Aerial assaults were filmed over the last 2 days. Israel is going way over the top here.

Parliament should be recalled. With Parliament basically out for recess, ministers dont have to be scrutined by Parliament. Ministers will be slyly shoving their own reports into the Parliamentary Hansard though without anyone noticing instead. Wheres the accountability?

Anonymous said...

James, why are there UN observers in a war zone? Were there any similar observers at Hiroshima or Berlin or for that matter London during the second world war?
Would you have whinged about them getting killed if there had been? Its unfortunate but, speaking as an exsoldier, these things happen.

The Israeli response to being attacked is not disproportionate, it is barely effective. It needs to be overwhelming to save casualties on both sides in the end.

Disproportionate would be to nuclear bomb Lebanon. The Israelis have the Nuke, they have chosen not to use it or even threaten its use.

Anyway all it needs is for Roger to go out there and hug the Hezbollah. No, not seriously.

Anonymous said...

As I see it Israel is doing the dirty work that we should be doing, but have become too soft to do nowadays. The way Mr Gale is acting you would think he has a substantial muslim majority like Jack Straw. Or is he concerned about all the muslim asylum seekers at Nayland Rock kicking off? This crap is sponsored by Iran and it suits them to keep the pot boiling as it diverts attention from their nuclear ambitions.

As for all the "innocents" getting killed by the dastardly IDF we should recall that recent attack on a beach allegedly by Israel where it turned out the bomb was planted on the beach by the Palestinians to kill Israeli commandos. These people are experts at media manipulation.

I noticed in a recent BBC report they were berating Israel when they came across a village which was full of old people. Nobody seemed to ask the obvious question where did all the young people go and why did they abaondon the elderly?

Israel's response to this may be heavy handed but when the terrorists live amongst the civilian population it is hardly a surprise if they get caught in the crossfire. As for sending British troops. Are you insane Mr Gale. Look what happened last time we had a "peacekeeping force" in Lebanon. Hizb*ll*cks drove a truck packed with explosives into the US Marines base and killed over two hundred soldiers.

This issue will not be over until we tackle its cause....Iran and fundamentalist islam.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.48 - I tend to agree with quite a lot of what you say, but I don't know that the Nayland Rock asylum seekers are predominantly Muslim.
They are certainly predominantly black Africans at the moment , but the ones I have spoken to in the course of my work have actually been Christian.
I am amazed how many of them are families with babies and little kids. How do they make it to here?
I don't approve of economic migrants personally, genuine asylum seekers - well maybe - but they must have gone through quite a few safe countries before they got here.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that Gale obviously thinks it is more important and newsworthy to take a cheap shot at the Government - riding on the back of others' arguments - than to advance an informed and intelligent view about the situation in the Middle East.

He always professes to be a strong "law an order man", even to the point of wanting to bring back hanging, yet he cannot see the evil in Hezbollah, and the real terrorist threat they pose day in and day out to Israel. Inadvertently, perhaps, he is supporting them.

He always says that many of his views are based on the "majority opinion" of his constituents, and uses this as the legititimacy for, as an example, his anti-gay stance. Yet on the issue he has ranted about today, he prefers to ignore what I would imagine is a majority view - tough action against terrorists - simply to score political points. Gale, the situation is far too serious for people like you to play games.

This veteran Thatcherite is out of touch, out of step, and inconsistent in his views and behaviour. He should not stand again at the next Election.

DrMoores said...

Writing as one who has travelled widely in the region and knows Israel pretty intimately, I would agree that the danger from Hisbollah should be recognised. Simultaneously we should recognise that Israel's military is frequently misdirected if not out of control when it comes to the application of armed force against its neighbours. What we have now is an eye for an eye until the whole world goes blind!

Incidentally I happened to be stayingg at Kibbutz Hagosherim in the nineties when many of the most influential of the British Friends of Israel gathered there to consolidate their support for a certain Tony Blair as leader of the Labour Party. Very interesting conversations to overhear they were as well!

Anonymous said...

I think that many - such as Gale - are already blind. Blind to the continual unprovoked attacks by Hezbollah on Israel. Blind to the use of innocent Lebanese folk as human shields by Hezbollah. Blind to the cynical positioning of Hezbollah rocket launchers in areas of dense civilian population. These terrorists do not care about their own people, let alone the Israelis.

Israel showed great restraint in the last Gulf War, when Iraqi scud missiles were fired into the country. I think we should support the State now, in its properly focussed and targetted fight against Hezbollah. It is very sad to see civilian Lebanese deaths, but I doubt Hezbollah are crying over them.

Israel should be allowed to finish the job.