Tuesday, August 08, 2006

M25 Tragedy Causes Gridlock

I just happened to be flying the M25 route on a traffic watch with a client, when we came across the story below.

You could say I had a “Bird’s eye” view of the chaos and the carnage unfolding on the motorway as total gridlock took place from the M23 all the way to Epsom on the M25 with the motorway halted in both directions and all the feeding roads from Croydon to Sevenoaks and Tonbridge stationary.

The accident was a truly awful scene from above. A terrible tragedy for all involved.

The BBC reports that four people, believed to be two adults and two children, were killed when their car was involved in a crash with a lorry on the M25 in Kent.

A lorry was in collision with a Volkswagen car. The driver of the lorry, a man in his 50s, was taken to hospital suffering from chest injuries and shock.


Anonymous said...

anon again!

Yet again a Government Failure. Trucks go too fast, and far too CLOSE to other road users.
There has to be Laws that demand a certain distance between vehicles, and this should be DOUBLED for trucks.
Also, in the Holiday season, Trucks should be OFF THE ROAD entirely during daylight hours. This is a practice used by the German Autobahn System, (with few exceptions).... their fatal accidents nearly halved after these steps were taken. They also stop Trucks from using the Autobahns from 8 PM Fridays to 6 AM Mondays during Summer Holiday weekends. The exceptions were vital fresh foods/Petrol Tankers/Breakdown Rescue Trucks.

It's no good the British Government saying "oh, we couldn't do that"... if the Germans can do it, then so can the Brits. Enough of our Governing bodies have been to Germany to study why the Autobahns are much better than our Motorways, did they learn anything?

James Maskell said...

I saw the news about that just before I went to the Margate game last night. It delayed the Burgess Hill Town FC team.

On the issue of the football, a great 3-0 win by the boys in Blue.

Anonymous said...

James - your comment appears to trivialise the incident, where a family dies. I doubt anyone reading the article cares about your footbal result. If you truly have eyes on a career in poilitics (as we know you do), you should take more care in hiding this side of your personality.