Monday, August 14, 2006

'Look Ear Mate!'

Police are searching for Ramsgate’s own Hannibal Lechter, after a man needed thirty-two stitches after he was bitten on the ear during an attack by two other men.

The 26-year-old victim was walking down King Street, Ramsgate, when he was involved an argument with the two.

Following the assault, near Philip and Paul's barber shop, the victim needed hospital treatment.

One of the attackers was aged between 35 and 40, around 5ft 8in tall, of slim build with long hair. He may have been wearing an England shirt.

The second male was aged about 17, 5ft 5in tall, also of slim build with short, brown, scruffy hair.

After the attack the offenders ran off towards Boundary Road.

Anyone with information about the incident, which took place at about 5,30pm on Friday, July 21, is asked to contact DC Kim Clemo at Margate police station on 01843 222062.


James Maskell said...

Any shops nearby which have had large quantities of fava beans and Chianti wine sold to a single customer?

Nasty attack, hope they catch the attacker. Wouldnt bank on it though...

Anonymous said...

'ear, 'ear, James!

Anonymous said...

DC Kim Clemo must be a very busy person at the moment, nearly every crime report ends with that name...........