Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jetskis What Jetskis?

Perhaps it’s my imagination, problem jetskis that is. I had a polite reply from the council today and others may wish to contribute with an answer I can direct back to them.

Apparently, “The Foreshores team are not aware of any specific problems with jetskis at present” but if there is something that our Foreshores team should be investigating Please let them know, with as many details as possible.

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Anonymous said...

There is a big problem with some jet skiers, I believe the current operator at Palm Bay is not controlling the skiers, on a number of occusions I have seen jet skies close into the shore between Palm Bay and Foreness racing close to swimmers within 100 metre from the shore,outside of the bouyed channels. It would be helpful if TDC invested in permanent marker bouys all along the coast clearly defining the inner limits whic should be 500 metres, that power craft both jet skies and speed boats may only operate outside of except when in the bouyed approach channels. TDC would do well to learn a lesson from Tor Bay in Devon, where it is safe for all responsible boat users and bathers. Finally how oftern do TDC inspectors check insurance documents and ages of the drivers of these water users, and their helmsmen. Perhaps the Kent water police section could have a perge in the Thanet ares, this August. Keep our foershore save and avoid accidents.