Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Minute

First Great Western_02

The banner was supposed to be flying down in Devon today but awful weather turned us round near Newbury this morning, with the cloud and rain down to six hundred feet and up as far as three thousand feet into controlled airspace.

So instead of writing my weblog, I've been scuttling around Kent trying to find somewhere else to fly it and settled on Bluewater and the QEII Bridge, which seemed to work nicely.


Anonymous said...

Do they still pay the agreed rate when you have to abort target area?

DrMoores said...

No we have a special fuel contingency. See our Ts & Cs at

Anonymous said...

I think we saw you around the Medway area yesterday about 6pm (or perhaps it was someone else?). Maybe a silly question - but how do you take off and land with a huge banner trailing behind - is it released after takeoff and wound in again before landing?
Thanks for an entertaining website.

DrMoores said...

That was us at 6pm yesterday with the Mobadoo.Com banner around the M25.. You can see how it's done by looking at the video on our website at a very tricky operation which involves "fishing" for the line between two six foot poles!