Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fast Track MP

Shock horror…”Minister's boy racer shame”.

Read all about it in The Sun, how Transport Minister Stephen Ladyman has admitted he came close to losing his licence — for “Speeding”

“He notched up nine points and would have been banned for one more three-point offence.”

Apparently the M2 road works were to blame. “The minister added he was “a sinner repenteth”. He last broke the speed limit by about 10mph in 2002 as he was driving on the A2 from London to his South Thanet constituency in Kent.

Coming next week. “Roger Gale’s pirate past” perhaps?

A typical Sun non-story.


stuart said...

Old news.

He admitted this when being interviewed by Clarkson on Top Gear months ago.

I'd guess 90% of us are guilty of speeding at some point.

Even you perhaps Dr?

Anonymous said...

10mph is pathetic, I used to do 125mph all the way up the M2 in my Rover 3500s when I was much younger, the only place you had to watch was this end of it around where the black and white mile markers are - one police car used to be on the bridge and another on the ramp at the side of the road.
I don't do it any more, got more sensible with advancing years.
Driving used to be fun.

DrMoores said...

What me speed? Never!!

James Maskell said...

Its a very old story. No idea why its suddenly so important that it appears in a few papers though.

On the subject of speeding, how does everyone feel about the possibility of reducing speed limits?

Anonymous said...

Reducing the 70mph speed limit on motorways would increase congestion because there would be more cars on the road at any given time taking longer to complete their journey.
Conversely increasing the speed limit to 80mph would reduce road congestion.
Everybody pretty well does at least 80mph anyway so we might as well make it legal.
To save fuel we could all drive at 50mph max , it does save an amazing amount of fuel (also extremely boring) but the roads would be very full as a result.
I remember we tried that in about 1973 when there were petrol rationing coupons issued, but there weren't so many cars on the road then.
No, I vote for 80mph limit but also more economical and ecological cars like the Citroen C3 which does a genuine 60mpg on diesel pretty much however you drive it.