Monday, August 21, 2006

Everyone's A Winner in the National Payments Lottery

Don’t you just love it? The revelation that prisoners have been receiving millions of pounds in payments to which they are not entitled.

Apparently, the taxpayer has handed out £13m of income support and Jobseeker's Allowance to members of the prison population over the past three years, despite inmates not being eligible.

What next, they’ll be happily paying family tax credits to the latest arrivals from the expanding European Community, now working here, for children allegedly living abroad. But that was last week’s news.

I wonder what I could be eligible for other than inheritance tax. There’s always an Ocean Finance loan I suppose!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises anymore. My son is being pursued relentlessly by HM Inland Revenue after his business went belly up. He has not claimed any benefits in his life; cannot sign on with a GP or dentist; has paid his Council Tax but because his accounts are late the fines and charges are rolling in. He is single, has never been a burden to the tax payer but is now in serious mire with Inland Revenue. Trying to make an honest living appears to be a mugs game as crime obviously pays.