Monday, August 07, 2006

Enter the Frogs and Flies

The Margate Exodus is in the news today on a website, ArtDaily.Com, of all things, The report writes:

“The Margate Exodus will transform the seaside town of Margate into a contemporary setting for an epic film in which local people play all of the parts.”

“The project”, it continues, “is a dynamic fusion of internationally acclaimed artists and undiscovered local talent – combining music, theatre, site-specific contemporary art and film. A spectacular day of live events on 30th of September will include performances and the final display of Anthony Gormely's Waste Man.

Plagues of lice, locusts, frogs and flies, a 25-metre high sacrificial sculpture and a cast of thousands will dramatically transform the south coast town of Margate into a colourful and contemporary setting for an epic film inspired by the Old Testament Book of Exodus, in which the town’s residents will play all of the parts.

It is anticipated that a great many people from Thanet will take an active part in this ambitious project and that Exodus Day will attract a substantial audience from Kent, London and beyond.

Sounds like Margate then!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds ideal for Margate, no problem with the plague of flies, the rotting seaweed, dig shot and rubbish will be fine for providing that.
As far as the sculpture is concerned its a pity we don't have the Wobbelisk fallen over in the harbour any more, this expensive test piece for the Turner Centre would have been ideal.

Anonymous said...

Come on 7.49am you're going to have to learn to embrace all this arty farty nonsence. It's called the Regeneration of Margate and it costs an awfull lot of money. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

But please Sir, if I may express my humble opinion would not regeneration be better achieved by substantial repair grants for derelict properties and providing convenient and plenty of local rubbish disposal facilities for those without cars therefore keeping the town clean without constant sweeping up?
Some more money spent on better policing would also help the quality of life for residents who would not see the depressing results of low level antisocial crime everywhere they looked.
Getting TDC more helpful and efficient would also go a long way towards regenerating the area, I was told this was happening but have seen no proof myself yet in my weekly dealings with TDC.

Then, AFTER all this is achieved, we could have the Turner Centre or any other arty farty thing the councillors want.

Its not the time for it now. That £8m they have already wasted on the Turner project could have done a lot for Margate.

Anonymous said...

I attended the music auditions and there was a great turn out. It was a real joy to see such a rich and diverse response from the Margatonians. I had no idea that there were so many musicians in Thanet (that aren't the normal pub gigging type of musos). I'm looking forward to the concert at the Wintergardens.

Andy Pandy

Mr Friday said...

Interesting to see the article in this week's Adscene about the giant statue that will be burnt on Margate Seafront.

It got me thinking, they obviously need someone who is experienced in deliberately setting fires in a seafront environment.

Know anyone who fits the bill ?