Friday, August 11, 2006

Big John Speaks

My jaw dropped when Deputy PM, John Prescott, appeared on television tonight, to reassure us that everything was under control and that he was in "Regular communication" with Tony Blair.

Thanks John, I feel much safer, as I'm sure does everyone else, knowing that a politician of your outstanding qualities has been left in charge of our country.

If it wasn't so sad, it might even be funny!

Meanwhile, I think I'll pass on a winter holiday by plane to the Sun this year. I suspect that Heathrow will be too much of a challenge. Interesting to note that one of the alleged suspects is a Heathrow security officer and even more interesting to note that while you can only take your passport and wallet with you through passport control, you can reportedly buy as much duty free as you like once inside. Why? Because duty free is supposed to be a sterile area.

I guess we all will have noticed that at Heathrow in particular, the seeming majority of the people working in that so-called sterile area are from ..........

Well we can't say but it does rather make a mockery of near strip searching everyone coming into the airport, when an accomplice working in a sterile area, can simply pass on the necessary items for the "Jihad operation" in question.

Finally though, there's the sneaking doubt that most of the 24 arrested are innocent and that the police and security services have made another mistake. I really hope not because public confidence in them and their political masters would fly out of the window completely.


Anonymous said...

It was also interesting to note that 3 of the suspects arrested were recent converts to Islam, and that 2 of those at least had changed their names from English ones to Islamic names.
They are also mostly pretty young, one was only 19 years old.

As the British government can't and won't deport all Muslims ( and I am definitely not saying they should) the only option I can see is to take away the reasons which make young Muslims want to adopt this course of violent action.
We already have schools for them,government forms in their languages, plenty of mosques,just about everything they could want except Sharia law.
More police officers are being recruited from minority groups.
They have all the rights of a white citizen and more besides.
What more can reasonably be done?

Anonymous said...

"Two sh**s" has to remind people that our "war leader" is actually Tony and not John Reid who is clearly staking out his ground for competition with Gordon when the succession battle commences.

Our Tony made a grave political mistake in buzzing off to mate's pad in Carribean on holiday knowing a dastardly plot was about to be uncovered.
On the other hand he might deliberately have shot off to drink Sir Cliff's bacardi knowing that John Reid would make the most of his opportunity to show what a budding "war leader" he is; the economy might be safe in Gordon's hands but hey look guys, our John will stop crazy moslem fanatics blowing you up!

Labour Party's new leader and next Prime Minister? My money is on John Reid.

Maverick said...

Isn't it sad that with all thats going on with our government and our country, (I too have my suspicions with the timing of the latest 'outrage') and with a prime minister who has taken us to war with moslems worldwide by invading Iraq on a totally false pretence, President Blair still survives and prospers. That surely must be a damning indictment of the opposition!!

In all our history, have we ever had a government that has not only got away with blatant incompetence, mismanagement and deception, but then repeatedly comes up smelling of roses, by default?

James Maskell said...

John Reid wont be leader, though he's definitely improving his rating with how he is dealing with the terror alert.. Douglas Alexander (Transport Secretary) on the other hand looks lightweight. Promote Ladyman! Hes been sucking up to Blair long enough to deserve his shot...

Tony would be clearly wrong about Gorson Brown keeping the economy safe. Its on very uneven ground as the recent interest rate rise (to 4.75%) shows. Inflation going up. House prices going up. Taxes up. I could go on. The economy is looking so rocky. The public dont notice because they are fed this rubbish by Brown that the economy is fine...its not. Its practically impossible for me to get a mortgage. Im sure there are so many others in my generation who are finding this very problem.

There is so much that this Government hides from the public. Labour has squandered its inheritance. The economy was recovering from its very short recession and Gordon Brown has blown it over-spending. Taxes will have to rise significantly to fill the coffers. The economy is not safe, thats for sure!

Anonymous said...

Maverick, you have only to look back to the government of Queen Thatcher and her successor, Grey Major, to find even better examples.

The policy fiascos around the Poll Tax and Europe, the loss of over a billion pounds to cover up our withdrawal from the ERM, widespread privatisations which now attract so much criticism even on this site (!), the murder of Argentinians on a warship sailing away from the area of conflict (a good Tory trait, shooting in the back), Operation Desert Storm which left the job only half done (in part necessitating what has been done over the past two years), the use of the police and security services against the people of this country (the miners dispute...oh the list is endless

Mr Friday said...

"Operation Desert Storm which left the job only half done" ???

Perhaps my memory is going but I could have sworn that Operation Desert Storm went as far as its UN Mandate allowed it to. Mind you, the massacre of thousands of Iraqis fleeing Kuwait by the Allied Forces in the immediate aftermath sounds just a bit like your "shooting in the back" parallel.

No matter what wrongs have been done in the past, the current lot are the worst and most devious by a long, long way.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mr Friday, I for one totally disagree with you. But you are perfectly entitled to your opinion.

Anonymous said...

and i for one totally agree with you Mr Friday!