Thursday, August 24, 2006

Big GCSE Improvement for Marlowe Academy

The BBC reports that The Ramsgate School, Kent's first new city academy, once branded the worst performing school in England and previously, has seen 29% of pupils get at least five A to C GCSE grades.

Principal of the Marlowe Academy, Ian Johnson, said it showed the school had made real progress in the year since it had replaced the Ramsgate School

This year's results are in contrast to the 1% of pupils who passed in 1997, and the 4% who passed five years ago.


Anonymous said...

A GNVQ counts for 4 GCSEs A-C; how many pupils achieved A-C in both English and Maths? Future league tables are to be based on 5 GCSEs but the 5 must include these two subjects.

Anonymous said...

I saw the news item on TV this morning.
It certainly seems to be an improvement althought here is obviously a long way to go.
The headmaster said they have a long day at school as they do their homework at school, sounds like a good idea as many of the kids may not have a home environment conducive to study.
A step in the right direction, it was dire before.

Anonymous said...

Better results - that is great - but has anybody asked HOW they came about? We tend to sit and swallow all that the press and loud mouthed politicians tell us when they have an axe to grind ... This school has had a few super heads installed who fell by the wayside because results didnt change.... then it changed its name ... that didnt work ... then the staff were culled ... THAT didnt work. Nobody ever blames the kids at a school - it is always something else - but the kids make the school. Here is a question I think, when answered, will shed some light on the recent rise in the fortunes of Conyngham ... er ... Ramsgate School ... er ... Marlowe Academy ... How many of the kids at the school are from Ramsgate? How many travel from other parts of Thanet? - ie Westgate (they should have prevented the Westgate lad from speaking on the telly!)What is the catchment area of the school now. Dont get me wrong - if the school gets a good reputation then better kids will want to go there and the standard will rise further - but lets not kid ourselves people - they have bussed in better kids and the standard has risen.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought and triggered by Telegraph article today and Newspeak(1984). The wording in local press from schools reporting GCSE results needs to be looked at closely. In the Thanet Times and local free papers the wording from Marlowe Academy is as follows:

"29% of pupils managed A to C passes".

All other schools quoted, stated their percentage of pupils gaining (at least) 5 (FIVE) A-C passes at GCSE.

Is there a FIVE missing from Marlowe's results?

What is the percentage of Marlowe pupils gaining at least 5 A-C passes?