Sunday, August 06, 2006

Beach Life

From a Sunday Times story today, Thanet doesn’t seem to be as bad as Cornwall where beach rowdiness is concerned.

The paper reports:

“Police have seized more than 500 fake identity cards from children trying to buy alcohol at a Cornish resort plagued by raucous public school pupils.

Locals in Polzeath are clearing up after weeks of beach parties which have seen teenagers arrested for drunkenness and drug-taking, bottles thrown and one 15-year-old girl taken to hospital after overdosing on cocaine.”

Meanwhile, I see the phantom “purple tagger” is busily making his way towards Westbrook from St Mildred’s Bay. I think I know what most of us would like to do if we caught him but that might be illegal and improper. Best call the police instead!!


Anonymous said...

I always have what I am sure would be classed as "inappropriate thoughts" involving the live rail when I see the growing amount of railside graffiti as I approach London on my daily commute. It has even started to appear on the new Channel Tunnel Rail Link works outside St Pancras. While in no way condoning theft, at least with that crime the perpetrator benefits. Graffiti just despoils the environment for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Radio 1 with Judge Jules were broadcasting from Torquay last night. I bet the locals loved that, it sounded like it was coming from a beach.

The Englishman said...

Call the Police? They will be "too busy" to attend such a trivial discretion (in their eyes). There are far easier ways to meet their crime targets.

Anonymous said...

Don't need a fake id card for kids to buy booze in a lot of places in Thanet, so no need for them here.

I am told the m o for a graffiti ologist is a skateboard for a quick getaway and a rucksack for the aerosols.

They are therefore relatively easy to spot if you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

If I catch one I won't mess about calling the police, by the time they turn up - if they ever do- he would be gone.
No, I think a little aversion therapy would be called for.

What does purple paint taste like? I would give the tagger an opportunity to find out.

Reminds me of a CSI case ( its a US TV series now shown here) where the murder was committed by squirting a can of foam down the victims throat - it expanded,solidified and choked him to death.
I don't think purple paint would be lethal but it would be unpleasant.