Monday, August 14, 2006

Bandstand Gang Assault

More thuggery in Broadstairs, where  teenage student was set upon by a gang of around six people wearing baseball caps on Friday evening.

The teenage victim was walking near the bandstand in Victoria Parade, Broadstairs, when he was attacked.

He was punched and pushed to the ground before being repeatedly punched whilst lying on the floor.

His attackers were all young men and all wearing baseball caps. The main offender is described as being 5ft 8in tall and of slim build, wearing a blue TN baseball cap and a blue T-shirt.

Anyone with information about the attack, which took place at about 9.30pm on Friday, July 14, is asked to contact DC Kim Clemo on 01843 222062.


Anonymous said...

Possibly more situations will occur by youths with no outlet for aggression or social interaction if the Revolution Skate park closes in St. Peters as a result of increased rent. The one decent place to go and it looks like it will soon disappear. I was watching a video of their's at Folk Week the other day and it looks quite amazing, t=have a look in the big tent. The people of Thanet will get what the people of Thanet deserve if this happens.

Paul Kersey said...

I think the problem might be a bit more deep seated than that myself. I believe that the people of Thanet and everywhere else for that matter deserve to see scum like that caught and punished mercilessly by Kents finest and the judicial system. I hope the skate park remains open but there are plenty of other activities that youths can go and enjoy - boxing and martial arts to name but two.

Anonymous said...

So are the CCTV cameras not working then? Broadstairs is covered with cameras, what's the point? it should be easy to convict this group so why is it never done?... In fact Thanet is covered in cameras, do they work is anyone watching? We read week in week out about attacks assaults vandalism right under the noses of these cameras, what is the point of them? Ask sandy please...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem to have been much "ask Sandy" recently.
Maybe he is on a yacht in the Caribbean????
And has left control of Thanet to ????????

DrMoores said...

Sorry.. I'm spending so much time in the air and away at present that keeping up with the Weblog and preparing an "Ask Sandy" presents a real challenge.

Chris Wells said...

Talking tp people who have been regular visitors to Broadstairs for many years, and to those returning from university for the summer, the story is the same. A real downturn in feeling safe and a real concern for violence on the streets. To be fair, the police have been very active and successful in combatting some of this behaviour on firework nights, and shouild be thanked and congratulated. However the tale is of a feeling of latent threat that hangs in the air and makes many feel very uncomfortable in the evenings - a real shame for quiet Broadstairs.

To return to a favourite theme of mine, as the only councillor prepared to fight any or all extension applications under the new licensing laws, I do feel we are now reaping the rewards of lax licensing, sponsored by the government. Yes, many of the troublemakers are under drinking age, but they come to where the action is, with many later and later opening pubs up and down the high street. And the predicted competition to leapfrog each other on opening hours is fully in swing. I always stated that we would have to await the first summer before we really saw the impact of later opening hours. At one licensing hearing Cllr Kay Dark argued in favour of later hours for Broadstairs on the grounds that her daughters came over to Broadstairs as they felt safe hear and they should be entitled to drink for longer in safety. She missd the point - just for a change - extending the hours to match with Margate and Ramsgate does away with the safety and makes things just as bad if not worse here.

Already some are calling for an end to the fireworks as it could cause too much trouble. Folk Week has already pleaded for no fireworks during their week as the crowds are just too big and difficult to handle. Welcome to 21st century britain, where given half a chance the lawless and feckless hold sway and the rest of us have lost heart for the battle. Well, not all of us - some of us will battle long and hard to reclaim the streets for the law abiding majority and their evenings out. Hold tight, it will be another rough ride!