Saturday, July 08, 2006

White Cliffs

Remaining briefly on the subject of alcohol and now cigarettes, you may be pleased to hear that the UK has lost its right to stop its citizens filling up white vans with enough “personal use” items to last a forty a day man – lager or fags – for six months.

By the way if you are caught speeding in France this summer, you could have your car impounded under a French government campaign to stop foreign motorists breaking the law.

Under the measures approved by the French Cabinet this week, police will be given the power to detain vehicles until on-the-spot-fines of up to €375 (£260) are paid. The worst offenders will be prevented from using their cars until a French judge rules that they can do so.

Perhaps we’re lucky that France is just a little too far for a jet ski towing a floating trailer but I notice that Little Britain star, David Walliams had a very successful “wet run” this week and became one of the fiftieth fastest swimmers to swim the channel, deserving enormous respect in the process. Towing one hundred cans of lager behind him on a lilo, he’s still paddling home as I write.


Anonymous said...

Sadly many of the people bringing in industrial quantities of cigarettes and tobacco are deeply unpleasant people. Many of them are on benefits and this is a bit of extra cash. My objection to this is that the British government has as usual caved in to the Euroweenie bogeyman. If they had cut duty on alcohol and tobacco to be in line with Belgium you would pull the rug out from under these people. I'm afraid I don't believe the treasury figures about how much they would lose in revenue.

Anonymous said...

What's this about the personal allowance changing... would you care to cite a source so I can have a read up?

DrMoores said...

It was in The Times today but I did have a conversation thi smorning with a HMRC officer who told me that you still have to "satisfy" HMRC that the 40 kilos of Dutch "Shag" in your van ar efor personal consumption!

Anonymous said...

As an ex HMRC officer to date cigarette allowances from the EC have been effectively unlimited since the late 1990s with the proviso that importation must be for personal consumption only and not resale. A minimum indicative level was set of 3,200 over which customs would perhaps ask a few more questions to ascertain whether they held commercial status. The 200 limit remains in place outside the EC and this includes the likes of the Channel Islands, Cannary Islands & Gibralter, owned by UK, Spain & UK respectively. I'm not aware of any further change in the law but frankly now I'm out I don't care anyway bar for the fact that if income from taxes gets cut in one place it'll sure go up or on something not previously taxed. That's what happens when you make smoking social enemy no 1. As for some of the bootleggers, a lot of that has died down as French taxes have come up.