Friday, July 21, 2006

The Westwood Thousand - Coming Soon!

Members of Thanet Council's Planning Committee are to visit the proposed site of 1,000 new homes at Westwood.

They were informed this week, of the early progress of a planning application that has been submitted for a 30 hectare site, along with supporting documents, which look at transport, environmental and design issues. As well as proposing 1,000 new homes, the application also includes plans for community facilities and a new link road, along with improvements to the existing road network.

Members were given details of the responses so far from both members of the public and organisations to the application, which include concerns about the road network, pollution, parking and whether the homes are needed.

Cllr. John Kirby, Cabinet Member for Development Services, said:

"Over the last year or so, when we've had major planning applications like this come in, we've taken the opportunity to update Members of our Planning Committee at the earliest opportunity. This ensures that they are fully aware of exactly what is being proposed and what stage the Planning department is up to with the application. Having site visits before the Committee formally considers the applications also allows members to fully appreciate any comments that may be made by members of the public or Ward Councillors during the public speaking at the meeting."

It is envisaged that the application will be formally considered by the Planning Committee in August.


stuart said...

Where are the jobs for the residents of these 1000 homes?

What about considering the derelict properties and eyesore sites before a new development of this site?

I'm cautious not to be too anti this site for housing because Dreamland will get used instead.

All this council seems to think about is the council tax income it will recieve.

Anonymous said...

Absolutly!why oh why aren't the derelict buildings that have been named and shamed being done up?ie the old fort hotel and the ajoining arcadian flats they are a disgrace and in prime position!as for wastewood cross it is madness to even think of 1000 new builds!the road structure cant cope as it is aside from all the other issues...

Anonymous said...

That is okay but what about people who want a garden. You're not going to get that with flats.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Poster 11:03 AM

All Councils are interested ONLY in getting funds in, then finding ludicrous ways of squandering it...didn't you know that?
Where have you been since Maggie brought in the Poll Tax?

It's not just Thanet!

Anonymous said...

Better than building the houses on the Dreamland site which is out of the question.
Because of this I am all for it.

Save Dreamland you know it makes sense.