Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vandals Strike Broadstairs

Vandals have caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to the seafront area of Broadstairs.

Both the ladies and men’s toilets at the Broadstairs Clocktower were targeted, with all the toilet seats ripped out. Two door panels in the men’s toilets have also been kicked in and this is the third time in just 10 days that the toilet seats have been ripped out.

Elsewhere in the area, the Council’s Environmental Action Programme, removed graffiti from the walls of the shelter, opposite the lift on Friday, but just 24 hours later, more graffiti had been put on the shelter and this will again be removed by the Council. New lights, which were put up in the shelter, were smashed the next day.

Cllr. Roger Latchford, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services, said: “It’s a real shame to see the damage that a mindless minority is causing to our area. It’s also going to start having an impact on the vast majority of law abiding residents and visitors, as the Council doesn’t have limitless funds to put towards fixing and repairing this appalling vandalism. Toilets and shelters are intended for everyone to use, but instead we’re getting to the stage where they’re being put out of use on a regular basis. This can’t go on indefinitely.”


Snailspace said...

Maybe they should get MP Roger down there and give all the missunderstood yobbos/ hoodies a good Hug.

worm said...

It is obviously the same people doing this to the toilets. I can't believe they can't be caught.
Time to bring attendants back maybe.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Brainless, useless scum of the earth. Defies comment without being decidedly rude, and we can't risk that.
Send the twits to Iraq, when you catch them Mr Plod! They have much better ways of dealing with igno-rants there!(no, not ignorence). English Prisons are too fine for this 'rubbish'...

Anonymous said...

I do think that as we know the target premises it wouldn't be too hard for TDC to arrange some covert cctv surveillance.
It would either stop it if the vandals knew it was there or provide evidence if they carry on.

Anonymous said...

Snailspace you beat me to it!

Maverick said...

17 Dog wardens and an anticipated income of £100 for a whole year!! God knows how many community wardens wandering aimlessly around, numerous vans, managers and senior managers!! Who on earth is organising this lot? Perhaps it's the person who puts up the boating pool signs.

Come on Sandy, it's time to start getting some corporate direction into your officer machine, that is your job after all. I think it's called, "kicking arse".

Perhaps 'corporate direction' could be the subject for the next, 'Ask Sandy'. I certainly would like to know what future plans there are.

Chris Wells said...

Frustrating though it may be, I thought the only place you are filmed on the toilet is in the big brother house....?

James Maskell said...

Hug a Hoodie...I dont recall Roger Gale or even Cameron using that term. The point Cameron was trying to make, which the press did blow out of proportions, was that there are a number of reasons why young people turn to crime and that society should try to understand why they turn to crime in the first place. Labour is milking it for all it was worth as PMQs showed today, such is their desperation to avoid admitting their incompetence as a Government.

As Ive said previously, I dont like this policy, though I do understand what he was meaning behind it.