Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I’m seeing fires all over the country now, nature reserves (arson) woodlands and fields are going-up on a daily basis.

The Isle of Thanet Extra reports that fire-fighters successfully prevented a fire from spreading to a 60-acre field of dry standing corn at Shallows Road off St Peter’s Road in St Peter’s on Monday evening.

A spokesman said: "We had to get across a narrow bridge along a rickety farm track to reach the field. The fire was in a pile of dumped rubbish in grass next to the cornfield.

"We got to it with inches to spare - if the flames had caught the corn alight, it would have destroyed the field."

One near Rochester wasn’t so lucky.


Anonymous said...

A very near neighbor had a huge bonfire yesterday, I was worried about my fence, are bonfires in gardens still allowed?. Is there any ruling on them I was not sure enough to complain.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately arson attacks get much worse during school holidays.
So we can expect a big increase from next week.

I was round the back of about number 82 Northdown Road Cliftonville this morning looking at the heaps of rubbish ( I don't get a lot of excitement) and noticed that one of the shops there just throw all their old cardboard etc out in an unprotected area at the rear.

Just asking for trouble imho.

The best way to avoid trouble in Cliftonville ( or anywhere) is to implement careful security and use common sense.

If its not there it can't burn.