Friday, July 14, 2006

Throw Away the Key

It was almost inevitable, I thought, the 93-year-old lady mugged so callously in Margate a week ago, has died in hospital.

Ethel Pym suffered a broken leg when she had her handbag snatched at the junction of College Road and Upper Dane Road in Margate.

Colin McCurry, 31, of Appledore Close, Margate, was arrested on the day of the robbery.

He has appeared before magistrates charged with robbery. He was remanded in custody and was due to appear at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday.

A post mortem examination has been carried out but police say the results will not be known for several weeks.

I’m sure that we all share the same feelings of revulsion over this incident and would like to offer our condolences to any family that Ethel left behind.


Anonymous said...

Was he wearing a hood?

Anonymous said...

I can't remember exactly how many days someone has to die before an assault can be changed to a murder charge.
I do think that if you assault a 93 year old lady and she dies from her injuries that is murder as you should have realized it would be a distinct possibility.
This is one for the Crown Court now, I hope Kent's Finest go all out to make an example of this vicious thug.

James Maskell said...

Anon 1:09, I fail to see the funny side of that post.

What terrible news. A walking piece of s*** ends a life, and for what? Colin McCurry is scum of the earth and I hope justice comes to him in spades.

Murder is harder to prove as intention to kill needs to be proven. Manslaughter would be more appropriate requiring a lesser burden of proof. With it being at the Crown Court, its now being taken seriously and I echo the last post about making an example of him.

Anonymous said...

Its a year and a day for it to be recognised as murder.


Anonymous said...

Murder, if memory serves, can result in death up to a year and a day after the event which caused it though with malice aforethought. Manslaughter like James says would be easier to prove and probably lead to a harsher sentence. If you go for a lesser charge the result can sometimes be worse for the defendant than going for the higher one!

Anonymous said...

If he is guilty , let's hope that he gets dealt with as severely as possible.

Anonymous said...

I hope from the bottom of my heart that when this thug appears in court whatever the DPP decide to charge him with (in my opinion it should be murder) that the magistrates or judge imposes the longest prison sentence possible and that the time that he spends inside is one living hell.

Anonymous said...

Well done James, firstly for your opening line, what a thoughtless comment to put on the site - "Was he wearing a hood ?" and secondly for your comments on saying what we are all thinking. This woman has been through two world wars, suffered the indignity of being elderly in a non-caring society and has ended her days at the hands of a mindless thug probably out to get his next fix/pint. At least he is in custody, though the reality is, his fellow inmates will not recoil in disgust at his crime, nor will the officers, as there is a very active 'anti-bullying' regime in operation in prisons. Sadly, those that hope he will 'get his in the fullness of time' will be disappointed. Scum he is and scum he will remain.